Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Markers

I'm on my own for a few days, so I am taking advantage of staying up until all hours with all the lights on, listening to podcasts as loud as I want to and doing some dreaded organizing. I have most of the paper clutter that threatened to eat our desks under control, unless you count the 10 new books I have sitting here that I haven't found a place for and I don't count them so there. After conquering paper I moved on to the other thing threatening to take over our apartment, knitting.

I have been stashing yarn and WIPS in ziplocks, rotating stash, organizing projects, turning scraps of paper in to actual project outlines, spending too much time on Ravelry, and distracting myself from feeling sickly by generally doing a little decluttering and destashing around the apartment. I had gotten to the underbrush of stitch markers and ball bands that inhabit my desk jungle and stashed them into the little wooden watch box I keep by my desk. It was hard to close so I continued in the spirit of the afternoon I cleaned it out. See what I found inside?

Zero Markers

The random sampling of stitch markers represented in that box show that my zer0 markers far outnumber sets made by other talented friends. I love and frequently use the other stitch markers I have, but there is something so compelling about Aija's wrapped beads and freshwater pearls. Obviously I don't need anymore stitch markers, but in writing this quick little ode to zer0, I made the mistake of going to Aija's zer0 markers etsy store. Augh! Someone go save me from the green and garnet pearls and the lava rock stitch markers, will you?

In other news of the day, I was a witness to a minor accident immediately behind me. Never waive someone out in front of you unless you are absolutely 100% positive it is clear AND you are willing to take liability if it isn't clear. If you do waive someone out in front of you, don't be a weasel and blame the driver who got hit by the car you waived out.

After stopping to give my name as a witness, I finally obtained a library card, scoped out knitting books and ran in to a knitting friend who I discovered was a shelver at my library. After the library, I gave up on ever fitting in to my sister-of-honor dress and took it to the tailor. I also might have maybe given the tailor my brand new Curvilicious Cardigan knitted in Rowan Calmer and a specially ordered zipper so I wouldn't have to sew it in myself. I have guilt about that.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Garment Drying Station

The second generation of the coolest drying rack ever made was recently released. That means the first generation is currently on sale for 52% off at I just ordered one. I'm thinking this is squee-worthy and perfect for knitting, yes? No affiliation, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lazy Posting about an exhausting and relaxing week

Just a quick and lazy post this week. I may not even proofread. Howzthatferlazy?

This week I ran away to Indiana to detox with a friend from the stress fest of the previous week. While there I went to 3 yarn shops and 1 bookstore. Since I came home I have been to 1 yarn shop and shopped 2 online bookstores. My wallet, she is suffering. My stash, she is happy.

An embarrassing amount of money was spent on yarn, patterns and books this week. I don't even want to talk about it. A lot of the yarn and books were gives. Yay for birthdays! The rest? Ummmm, not so much. Here are pictures taken in a somewhat artful fashion to distract myself from that burning sensation in my wallet.

Ravelry picRavelry picRavelry pic Ravelry picRavlery

We wandered over to Broad Ripple Knits/Mass Ave, Too! This charming little shop has only been open a few months. It is an extension of Mass Ave. located on the first floor of a converted home. I hadn't felt that yarn lust and fever as a knitter lately. I chalk it up to weeks of ordering, then processing and stocking, and not spending enough one-on-one time talking to people really excited about their craft. Talking to Karin and Elaine who work at the shop really invigorated me and inspired me. A lot. A bag of Allhemp3 worth of inspiration to make the Laura Tee from Big Girl Knits. What a lovely birthday gift.
Day 9: Elain and Karin at Broadripple Knits
Karin also shared her discovery of Kim Hargreaves book "Heartfelt" with me. Yep. Ordered it. Couldn't be helped. Had to have it ASAP. Rumor has it that Hargreaves book will be distributed through Rowan soon. So far the US distributor doesn't seem to even know they are carrying it. [Cover picture taken from Kim's website without permission. May she not strike me down for talking up her book.]

I spent the rest of the daylight hours at Knit Stop. Holy Great Wall of Luxury Yarns! Oh, but for a hundred grand or so I would own every yarn in this shop. I can't even do it justice. I couldn't decide between the umpteen gorgeous yarns, but I did talk myself off the ledge of $50 cashmere and settled for some patterns instead.

My birthday/de-stress week wasn't entirely yarn and books. There was oatmeal, dinosaurs, a specialty hearse, human blood platelets, new bags, a kick ass jacket, a bridal shower and a lot of playing around with the camera.
Day 9: Blueberries and brown sugar
The oatmeal at Le Peeps in downtown Indianapolis is the best I have ever tasted. It is so good we went back again.
Day 8: Hoodlums hanging at the gas station
We turned a corner and right across the street from the gas station was a bunch of unruly dinosaurs. I might have screamed a little.
Specialty Hearse
We passed this hearse eleventy-hundred times. Finally I had to google 'specialty hearse' and call Julie from the Learn Something New blog to boggle at the whole concept of specialty hearses.

Decepticon approves of my macro setting
Day 8: Human Blood Platelets
Human blood platelets are apparently transported in cardboard boxes underneath Greyhound buses.
Simon Says 'Scratch Like a Monkey'
A bad picture of a really nifty asymmetrical leopard jacket made by my mom. Not pictured, really nifty symmetrical bags to match the jacket.
Good Luck Garland
My sister's bridal shower decorated with a Lunar New Year theme.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cover your ears

I just want you all to know how much I fucking hate fibromyalgia. Although, if fucking fibromyalgia hadn't had me up at fucking five in the morning I would not have finished this very sexy sweater. More information and pictures later. Maybe. Fucking fibromyalgia.

Dropped stiches on the sleeve and the side.