Friday, March 21, 2008

Completely random updates

I'm sure I am missing things here, but this is approximately how I spent the last month of my knitting life.

  • I can't believe none of you wants to pay money for a tangled mess of yarn. How disappointingly expected. You can't blame a girl for trying, can you?
  • Ann surprised me with this skully orifice hook. I loves it, I do. I resumed spinning the Purple Sparkly Possibly Shetland But We Can't Be Sure Mystery Wool that Jamie brought me from last year's Bethel Sheep and Wool festival. I had set it aside because I was spending as much time threading it through the orifice as I was spinning. I'd spin a length, it would break, I would throw it on the floor and pull another length through the orifice. It was frustrating with my old bent piece of copper wire, but oh, with Skully the experience would be MAGICAL! I put the bobbin on, pulled the single through the orifice and discovered that in my hiatus from spinning that I had learned how to spin. There were no breaks and my speed has increased. Skully IS magical! And even if he isn't, there is something so wrong about having something called an orifice hook covered in skulls and using it to spin purple sparkly lace weight. That something wrong is something so very right.

  • I finally finished the Curvilicious Cardigan from Big Girl Knits. I knit it larger than gauge knowing from my swatch that a trip through the washer and dryer would do wonders for Rowan Calmer and shrink the overall piece to gauge. It worked and the final piece matched the dimensions of the pattern perfectly! In my zealousness to get it finished and washed, it completely escaped my attention that the pattern dimensions for length were about 3" shorter than my actual torso. So while the sweater matches the dimensions called for, the final product is much too short on me. Luckily I finished it the day before Jamie's birthday and it fits her perfectly. The only difference I would make, aside from length, is to knit a full size functional hood. When you account for shrinking the decorative hood is much too small.

  • Also for Jamie's birthday our knitting friends stealthily knit her a Fiestaware tea set from Thaki Staci Charles Cotton Classic, which I cannot say three times fast without spitting a little. She might have been just a little bit excited by her gift.

Knitted Fiestaware tea set
  • Do you ever look at yarn but it never really registers what you are looking at? For two seasons I have been looking at Plymouth Yarn's Jeannee and not really seeing what I was looking at. In my mind I had put it in the acrylic baby yarn (and therefore not for me) category. A few weeks ago I was trying to help a customer pick out some yarn. She fell in love with the Jeannee in a way that made me reconsider it. It is a 50/50 cotton/acrylic blend, worsted weight. Friends, this is the way acrylic is meant to be done. It lightens the fabric, retains the cotton feel, gives it drape without the weight, washes beautifully and doesn't squeak. The best part of the yarn is that for $3 a skein you can afford to make, oh say, the Oat Couture Silverlake Shirt pattern for about $35. I finished the first sleeve last night.
  • There are two reasons the blog has been so quiet lately. First, the last few weeks have been busy preparing for my sister's wedding. The wedding was beautiful. Aside from a tardy officiant , tearing my dress and a flipped around seating chart at the reception, the entire thing came off without a hitch and fun was had by all. Aside from the regular wedding photographer, our good friend Julie and her husband Jeff joined us and took some amazing artistic shots of the wedding. It's too early to call her and ask her permission to post some of her pictures here, but if you go to her website there are a few wedding pictures, as well as pictures of me...IN MAKEUP! So bizarre...
  • The second reason things have been quiet here lately has to do with work. I've been doing lots of it. The long winter has translated in to a longer than normal busy season at the shop. Starting in April my hours there will cut way back and I will be focusing on my own interests full time. Can you guess what those interests are?
Friday delivery

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Project 13 is finished!

My creation

Project 13 was item number 13 on my list of 101 things I wanted to accomplish in 1001 days. I have missed so many opportunities for good shots and have had so many times I wished I had a camera with me. To remedy that, I decided to carry my camera with me for 30 days and see what pictures I take. I didn't take a picture every single day and that wasn't the objective. The idea was to have a camera with me every day.

I have learned several things with Project 13:

-My subconscious doesn't consider my camera phone to be a real phone. I forgot my camera one day. I walked around for hours lamenting that I didn't have a camera on me. It wasn't until that evening that I realized I had my camera phone on me the whole time.

-I can't count days. Is it day 13 or day 30? Hard to tell, hard to remember and never quite sure that the day number I used was correct.

-For a change of pace sometimes dinosaurs will hang out at the Shell station instead of the Sinclair.
Day 8: Hoodlums hanging at the gas station

-I love the macro setting on my camera
Day 5: Pop tops!

-My apartment is filthy and does not serve well for background.

-It is impossible to get a good picture of yourself that features the knitted garment you are wearing.
Dropped stiches on the sleeve and the side.

-I am not committed enough to do any 30 or 365 project, be it blogging, picture taking, knitting or writing.

-Misery inspires more creativity than happiness does.

-Not to say that happiness doesn't take a good picture.

-My cat is dusty.
Day 30: Watching the snow