Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Project 13 is finished!

My creation

Project 13 was item number 13 on my list of 101 things I wanted to accomplish in 1001 days. I have missed so many opportunities for good shots and have had so many times I wished I had a camera with me. To remedy that, I decided to carry my camera with me for 30 days and see what pictures I take. I didn't take a picture every single day and that wasn't the objective. The idea was to have a camera with me every day.

I have learned several things with Project 13:

-My subconscious doesn't consider my camera phone to be a real phone. I forgot my camera one day. I walked around for hours lamenting that I didn't have a camera on me. It wasn't until that evening that I realized I had my camera phone on me the whole time.

-I can't count days. Is it day 13 or day 30? Hard to tell, hard to remember and never quite sure that the day number I used was correct.

-For a change of pace sometimes dinosaurs will hang out at the Shell station instead of the Sinclair.
Day 8: Hoodlums hanging at the gas station

-I love the macro setting on my camera
Day 5: Pop tops!

-My apartment is filthy and does not serve well for background.

-It is impossible to get a good picture of yourself that features the knitted garment you are wearing.
Dropped stiches on the sleeve and the side.

-I am not committed enough to do any 30 or 365 project, be it blogging, picture taking, knitting or writing.

-Misery inspires more creativity than happiness does.

-Not to say that happiness doesn't take a good picture.

-My cat is dusty.
Day 30: Watching the snow