Friday, April 4, 2008

Godzilla Knits

I haven't looked at my site stats lately. I am apparently quite popular with fibermyalgia* sufferers who like to knit entrelac shawls** and love Kauni yarn. Happily, there are a lot of various ways people are searching for Scott's Ocean Wave Scarf pattern.

I also have a lot of hits for "bald girl" both with and without quotes, one "bald girl comics" and one "+'bald girl' -britney -britney". Every single month without fail at least three people (or the same person three times) types in "bald girl"both with and without quotes and gets this post. It is somewhat alarming if you consider that googling "bald girl" with and without quotes doesn't turn up my blog in the first 30 pages of search results. Someone is going through over 30 pages to find where I mentioned the words "bald girl" once. Dude! Obsess much?

Other interesting ways people have found my blog:

"f*ck off I'm knitting"--[I put the asterisk in because the combination of "f*ck" and "bald girl" might cause our obsessed internet searcher harm. Back to the topic at hand, so to speak...]I know exactly what these folks were searching for. It is a coffee mug from Cafe Press and it is sitting right here next to me right now. See?

"44D breasts pic"--Some yahoo was told by his anonymous internet girlfriend that she was a 44D. He can't figure out how big that is. It is somewhat disturbing that after looking at 25 pages of search results my blog still doesn't come up. How many pages did you look at before you found an obscure reference, Mr. 44D? Dude, if you go to "image search" on Google you would get better results. You don't need to come to my blog for that. [Don't ever do an Google image search for any topic at work or in front of the delicate without the SafeSearch feature turned on. Not ever. People can make porn out of anything.]

"all kinds of landslide pictures"--Not just a particular kind of landslide picture. ALL kinds. I don't remember ever writing about landslides.

"buffy zombies" and "comics godzilla"--Welcome friends! I just watched the Buffy zombie episode yesterday and look at my great new godzilla t-shirt:

Day 17: Godzilla is a whiner.

"godzilla moth"--I think a godzilla-moth hybrid is my new irrational fear.

"I hate f**king fibromyalgia"--Me, too.

"godzilla in clothes"--Uh.

"lolcat godzilla"--Enough with the godzilla already.

"Mystical Creations Yarn"-- Bwahahahaha! [ETA: Er, I mean, I don't find the whole mental aspect of the drama funny in any way, but the rubbernecking and thousands and thousands of posts have been amusing to watch.]

"Should I wash my swatch"--YES. Emphatically yes.

"Use apron in a sentence"--You just did.

"Things that are girly"--You're looking at the wrong blog.


*I like to believe my fibermyalgia post led fibromyalgia sufferers to spell their disease correctly.
**The title of that post is Entrelac Shawl and Master Knitting Course. One is an FO. The not.