Friday, April 11, 2008

PSA, Ravelry, Snakes on a Scarf

PSA #1: Know the boundaries of your own vehicle and embrace the power of personal space for both driver and vehicle.

PSA #2: Pulling right up on someone's rear is rude, be it while parking, driving, or heavens forbid, biking or walking.

PSA#3: If you don't know the boundaries of your own vehicle and hit the girl in front of you while waiting in line at the drive thru, don't be an asshole and say "No I didn't hit your car you stupid bitch! Now pull the fuck forward!"

PSA #4: If you are that girl, don't immediately run in to the drive thru wall while pulling the fuck forward.

My insides shook for about 2 hours afterwards, but I am fine. The car is fine, minus a tiny little bit paint. The drive thru wall is fine. The employee at the window assures me that I am not the first or last to run in to that wall today. If he would have just leaned his head out, waved and apologized for bumping me it would not have been an issue. But just capped off an already crappy day and it was only 11AM. I am getting a little sick of having really good reasons to cuss in my blog, too. How about some nice knitterly things?

I sold this bit of scarf and the rest of the ball right off my needles. That sounds so rockstar cool when I say it like that, like someone came up and begged me to buy the very yarn I was knitting with. In reality, 7-letter Deborah liked the skein with just a little bit of yellow which I considered seconds better than the more vibrant yellow firsts so I took my needles out and handed it to her. Here is the same scarf started with a new skein. See? More yellow.
Me likes it. I cast on starting at a different spot in the repeat to see how it would affect pooling. Do you see the difference? Poppymom pointed out that it looks more like coral snakes than fireflies. I am going to try not remember she said that while the scarf is around my neck. I probably just lost a bunch of sales from people with snake phobias, didn't I?

The pattern I'm using, Scott's Alexio Ocean Waves (love that man), which was linked in Lime & Violet's Daily Chum yesterday! Thanks, V! Thanks adminnie!

If you are interested in getting a skein of Firefly all for yourself for FREE, check out the "10 Lousy Bucks" group on Ravelry. For every $10 donation to Ravelry to help offset the costs of this great website, you will have a chance to win some pretty cool prizes. I donated 4 oz. of the merino/tencel "Can't Hit the Side of A..." colorway to the dream fiber stash and a gift certificate for a free skein of Dyeabolical Yarns. You know Ravelry, you use Ravelry, go donate! :)