Friday, July 25, 2008

Knitting Party

Yesterday I picked the brains of two trusted and knowledgeable knitting friends, Annie and blogless Lenora. We hung out in Annie's fabulous new living room, scrutinized several possible new base yarns, spun up some new fibers, picked through the traveling stash box, tried on each other's WIPs and had so much fun that one of us had to go change our clothes. *cough*Annie*cough* There was coffee, a yummy lunch, more coffee, fiberlicious goodness and 2 big lovable dogs. I am so grateful to have friends that are knowledgeable enough to give me good business advice and who I trust enough to talk candidly about suppliers, price lists and trade secrets.
Annie Knits
My cell phone picture of Lenora didn't turn out. You will have to visit Annie's blog to see her (and me*) modeling Ann's great Starmore sweater. The only thing that would have made the afternoon better is if 7-letter Deborah had been able to join us before my husband broke up the party with news that my sometimes working car was once again working and should he come get me. Of course! I love cars that work. Still, that Deborah is so responsible what with her actually working on a workday and all. What's up with that? *grin* We missed you, Deborah!

This morning, er afternoon, I am ordering test cones of the yarns we picked out yesterday. Surprisingly it isn't all sock yarn. There is a superwash merino/cashmere blend roving that is oh oh oh oh OOOOOOOH so nice. We spun a very small amount and oh! OOOOOOH! It is so sproingy! 6 pounds of nylon-reinforced sock yarn is already on its way along with 5 pounds of BFL roving (non-superwash) and 2 pounds of merino/silk roving. Other test yarns that will arrive soon include a pure silk, a seacell/silk blend, bamboo/cotton, bamboo/silk and a wool that will hopefully be a good gansey yarn. I am NOT ordering any soybean top. Flyaway doesn't begin to describe it. It got up our noses, in our throats and all over poor Ann. When she was done spinning a few yards she had more on her clothes than she did on the bobbin. Yick. I still want to bring the superwash BFL roving back in but the wholesale price jumped so much that I am hesitant to bring it back if there isn't any interest. Do any spinners out there have an opinion?

Part of our conversation turned to yarns that disappointed us. Specifically some garment weight superwash merinos. Maybe we need to start thinking of superwash as being non-feltable instead of thinking of it as being machine washable. As in, if you throw superwash wool in the machine it won't ruin the garment beyond all wearability but it may not be the best way to care for superwash wool. I need to mull this over more before expanding on this theory.

After dinner, Jamie and Natalie picked me up and we headed to their charming house. I oooh'd and ahhhh'd over the clever use of pulleys and baskets, the number of great toys, the tea room, and the flamingo room. I loved finding treasure around every corner and of course, enjoyed the conversation and getting a few more rows of knitting in before heading home and collapsing.

And now for some Imperial alpacas. Prepare yourself.

*I am so making Filey even if it does mean Annie and I will be sweater twins.