Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Knitting with hope

This week was pretty good except for the parts that were spectacularly shitty. Or, if you prefer, this week was spectacularly shitty except for the parts that were pretty good. Nothing serious and nothing I want to talk about, either. It is just frustrating and stressful. I have spent the last two days trying to knit off the residual stress, all the while chanting to myself, "Knit on with confidence and hope through all crisis."


(It's going to be the Estes vest from this month's Interweave Knits for my mom. I learned to cable without a needle on this project. The first 30 or so cables were slow going but I think I've got it now.)
  • I took down the last post because frankly I was cranky. I'm still cranky, but the last post was misdirected cranky. Thanks for all of your comments anyway. [UPDATE: This project by Katie on Ravelry just cheered me up 1000% percent. They are socks made from my Joker yarn and called "Scar Tissue". Love it!]
  • Shop update: I have a new spinning fiber up in my etsy shop. It is 80% fine superwash merino wool and 20% cashmere. It is oh-so-soft. So soft. Softer even than the superwash BFL I had several months ago. I am currently sold out of the bulky 2-ply Unspun BFL. I'm not sure I'll have anymore before October. I do have a new nylon reinforced superwash merino sock yarn in, too. It is slightly thicker than my normal fingering weight yarn. It is a tight spin with a nice sheen and knits up quickly.
My creationMy creation
  • The possibility of being transferred out of state is less and less of a possibility, but it's still there. Even if we don't have to move, I'm moving out of this apartment as soon as I can and in to one where the neighbors don't weed their garden, do their laundry or check their mail wearing nothing but a t-shirt and sometimes underpants. Sometimes underpants, people! I would also like to move in to an apartment that doesn't have carpeting older than I am, doesn't have black mold growing in the basement, doesn't have country hearts wallpaper, isn't filled with people who like to smoke in the hall, doesn't have drunks in need of middle of the night rescuing, doesn't allow pit bulls as pets, where the neighbors don't feel compelled to talk to me and doesn't have country hearts wallpaper. Oh wait, I might have mentioned the wallpaper already. This place was great when I went back to school and the neighborhood is still a nice place to live, but I'm ready to get out of here. Look for a giant sale next year when my lease is up. :)
  • My base yarns didn't show up early last week like they were supposed to. They showed up later in the week sans the sock yarn I needed the most. I couldn't do anything about dyeing what did arrive because a) I was in the middle of turning over the stash (if you check this blog going back to the beginning you will discover every September I Freak The F*ck Out that moths might get in to my stash; every year I spend days of my life discovering my stash is perfectly safe and fine, yet I still worry) ; b) I was in the middle of a massive fall cleaning jag because I figured if I was going to go faux manic might as well do it all at once and have a clean apartment to boot; and c) I spent every 4th hour for the last 5 days spiking a mild fever and then rapidly dropping. I'm still spiking and dropping, but the variance between high and low is starting to decrease. It's gotta be a fibro thing.
  • I went through my book stash, too. I have over 100 volumes to sort and give away on the wealth of Russian dictators, vampire lore, women's studies, men's studies, queer studies, sociology, law, and several books from the 1920s on the changing role of sex and romance in marriage and family. Guess how many of the 100 I have actually read? Probably less than 20. I suppose collecting books is a lot like collecting yarn.
  • I've run out of steam to finish this post, so I'll just say good night. Good night.