Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Resolve

If there was any doubt that fall in St. Louis was coming they were satisfied when I both turned on my a/c to deal with the humidity and put on Jamie's handwarmers to combat the cold.
Yesterday Debbie, ahem, I mean 7-Letter Deborah was talking about her New Years resolutions. It tickled something in the back of my head and this morning I remembered that I am supposed to be trying to complete 101 projects in 1001 days. I was going strong through March and then lost track when something shinier caught my attention, most likely a knitting project.

I caught up on my goal list this morning and am feeling a little bit more focused. My 101 projects run the gamut from silly to serious.

Goals Progress:

2. Buy that giant pack of colorful Sharpies that make me smile every time I pass them in the store even though I have no use for them. COMPLETED. Scott bought them for me. I love that he indulges my need for office supplies.

2.a. Find a reason to use the Sharpies. COMPLETED. I used them to write my 101/1001 list.
A gift!

3. Spin an average of 15 minutes a day (250 hours). IN PROGRESS. I estimate I have spun 36.1 hours or 8.52 minutes a day.

4. Read or listen to audiobooks an average of 15 minutes a day (250 hours). IN PROGRESS. I didn't keep very good track of this. I have listened to many weeks worth of podcasts, spent countless hours browsing and evaluating knitting books, but not much time actually reading. I underestimated the time I have spent reading and was plesantly surprised, approximately 66 hours, or 15.59 minutes per day.

5. Finish a sock design. COMPLETED. I finished Jess's Shulkie Socks a few weeks ago. It is a simple 4x4 traveling rib offset by 2 every 4 rows. I'll have the pattern up soon. I know, I said that last week. I mean it this week.
Ravelry Picture--Jess's Shulkie SocksShulkie stripes

13. Carry a camera with me everywhere for 1 month. COMPLETED in February.
Day 8: Hoodlums hanging at the gas stationDon't cry over spilled coffee

22. Make 4 pairs of socks for me. IN PROGRESS. One pair down.

24. Do the math on handspun yarn as a regular Dyeabolical product. COMPLETED. The math says HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO. If I thought I could get $200 a skein then that might change things a little bit.

25. Read everything on my 'classics' shelf. IN PROGRESS, sort of. I started with Frankenstein many months ago. I am still in the middle of Frankenstein.

29. Replace dressers. COMPLETED. We replaced our dressers with shelving. It has worked out a lot better for us.

35. Watch all movies in the Netflix queue. COMPLETE, but only because we deleted our queue and suspended our account for several months. I suppose this one doesn't count.

37. Spin all roving. NEARLY COMPLETED. Or at least it was until we bought 2 alpaca fleeces.

38. Write Something Serious at least once a month. IN PROGRESS. So far, so good. Every month so far I have written something here or in other places that contributes something of greater value than my laundry lists of neurosis.

46. Clean storage locker. COMPLETE. We can at least get in to it now.

48. Consolidate student loans. COMPLETE.

49. Get a library card. COMPLETE. Now I want a library card to a library that participates in one of the online audiobook sites. Unfortunately mine does not.

62. Finish writing out 101/1001 goal list. NOT COMPLETE, because that's how I roll.