Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lots of random

  • I can't stop fondling the alpaca roving I picked up from Prarieland Peruvian Alpacas at the Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois booth at Strange Folk. It spins like a dream with very little VM and the color! We picked up some handmade ginger spice soap from another guild member (whose name I didn't catch) that is some of the best handmade soap we have had in ages. It is cleans well and more imporantly, holds up. It is so frustrating to buy a nice handmade soap and have it dissapear quickly down the drain.
Alpaca RovingAlpaca on the bobbin
  • I'm a little bit in love with the Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois. They wooed us good. They are a small group of mostly fiber artists excited about their craft and in learning new techniques. They have one general meeting per month and 3 study groups for spinning/dyeing, knitting/crochet and weaving. If there are 5 weeks in a month then they have a demonstration or study group for a different art, such as iron working or wine making. Scott and I are crazy busy this month, but I think we will be checking out a meeting in November.

  • The tiara party and trunk show at Knitorious was fun with many tiaras and silly hats.
Katie Oh KatiePrincess Katie and Tonks

Woodland FairiesThe Woodland Princesses

QueensThe royal court

My boss about to sucker punch my momTwo Royal Hams
  • There has been a lot of good in this week, but a lot of stress, too. Friends are in the hospital or having surgery, other friends are dealing with relatives in rapidly declining health and the job security roller coaster continued on. Stress. Stress. Stress. Stress. Stress.
I have been cheering myself up with the new Norah Gaughan collection, a skein of the Opal Harry Potter sock yarn in the Dumbledore colorway, reading up on Lance Armstrong's return to cycling, and looking at recent things knitted from yarn I dyed. There are some talented folks out there:

Recent FOs  made with Dyeabolical Yarns
1. Socks in Alter Ego (Slither) yarn by Gerda
2. Armwarmers in Super Ego (Firefly) by 7-letter Deborah
3. Gaiter in African Grey one-of by TalesofYarn
4. Star in Alter Ego (Themyscira) by Spinnerin
5. Capelet in Unspun BFL (L. Green and Blue Rooster) by Lavendargrrl
6. Socks in Strong Arm (Joker) by Katie oh Katie
7. Socks in Sporty! (Frogs IAB) by Bunkybobos
8. Handspun in SW BFL (Dance Mistress) by Ann
  • Tonight my friend Elizabeth is having a release party for her newest book, Abaddon. There is a write up on Elizabeth in today's Belleville New Democrat. The "Abaddon" release party will be held from 7 to 10 p.m. today with deejay music and wine at the Blum House, 408 W. Main St. in Collinsville. Admission is free. Book supplies are limited, so people who want copies are encouraged to reserve them in advance at The cost is $8. For more information, visit the Web site at
  • Annnnnd that's all the random I have today. See you!