Thursday, November 6, 2008

Catch up

  • Do you know why Ravelry is so great? I can brag all about gift knitting and crocheting to my knitting friends and just post a teaser pic here.

My creation

  • The Weavers Guild Sale went really well, although I think the Unspun BFL baffled a lot of people. I brought my wheel to demonstrate spinning on Saturday. I did fill a bobbin in record time with some of my own s.w. merino/cashmere blend, despite my wheel being less than cooperative and annoyingly sensitive to stress. A very aggravating person walked in and my wheel just fell apart. I must have tensed up my grip on the fiber because before I knew it my drive band broke, the brake band released and my flyer went shooting across the room. I need to replace the brake and drive bands before I take that wheel in public again.

  • I have been playing catch up all week. I listed a few new items on the website and on etsy. I designed two new ads that should be running on Ravelry soon. I have organized pictures from a few small adventures. I caught up on friends blogs and declared blog bankruptcy for the rest. New dyes and potential new base yarns have arrived, but I forgot to order soda ash and the acid I use is back ordered, so no dyeing. Looks like I'll have to find some other way to occupy my day off, like cleaning (boo!) and knitting (if you insist).

  • Lenora made a great headband and ankle warmers from some of my Super Ego DK yarn in the Firefly colorway. I especially love the headband. She swears she didn't plan it that way. I'm not sure I believe her. :)
Ankle warmers and headband by Lenora

  • I made a pair of thank you fingerless mitts for a friend. The color is Dark Knight. The picture is fairly awful. It is a 64 stitch cast on, 2x2 rib with a buttonhole thumb halfway up.
Dark Knight Fingerless Mitts

  • On a visit to see a friend we passed Indianapolis's Children Museum. They dressed up the dinos for Halloween!
Dino Witch

  • Speaking of dinos, Scott and I went to see the dinosaurs at the St. Louis Zoo on our anniversary (way back in September). Unfortunately one of the dinosaurs got loose:

Godzilla!Me, being very serious

  • Here's a picture of a hippo. Does there have to be a reason?
Nom nom nom

  • Scott and I spent an October Sunday looking for adventure. We stopped at Lone Elk Park...

  • ...Castlewood State Park...

  • ...and then hopped a ride on the Wabash Frisco and Pacific Railroad.