Friday, November 7, 2008

October Keywords

[I should probably tell you now that this blog post is rated R for "aRe you f'ing serious?"]

It's time for the October Keywords! What combination of search terms and phrases did people use to find my blog? Can you guess? If you have read this blog long enough I bet you can!

Top 5:
1. Dyeabolical--seems reasonable
2. M*hair f*tish--I never should have posted about that guy and his m*hair f*tish. He appears again no less than 3 dozen times with variations on m*ohair f*etish p*ink f*luffy and c*ardigan. Mister, I hope you develop an m*hair allergy.
3. Roving yarn--I believe I have what you are looking for
4. In case of zombies--If my dreams are to be believed then in case of zombies you should bake cookies, frog your knitting, hire an exterminator or vote.
5. godzilla 2007--you buy 1 tee-shirt with godzilla on it and the blog never lets you live it down

Answers to other searches
pain in the ears while yarn--You might be using the yarn incorrectly, son.

photos of wood duck nests--Please tell me there isn't a wood duck nest fetishist out there.

what happened to lime and violet and stalking lime and violet--I get a few of these hits every month. Lime is in graduate school. Violet is still going strong.

refluff after hand dying yarn--Fluffing Reskeining after dyeing is a matter of personal preference. On one hand reskeining makes the yarn look better in the skein. It gives you an idea of how colors will look knit up. Sometimes colors that look great straight out of the pot may look like a mess when reskeined or knitted. Sometimes colors that don't look so great straight from the pot may sing when knitted. Not reskeining looks gives the customer a better idea of how long color runs are and takes less effort. Most of the time it just makes it look different, not better or worse.

regia color nation 5399 and where to buy kauni yarn--Knitorious has both in stock.

fibermyalgia--try searching for fibromyalgia

i fucking hate the world-- I'm not using an asterisk here. I DO what someone to find this. Last month someone searched for "i fucking hate myself". They must have gone through hundreds of google links to find this blog, because the closest I ever wrote was that I effing hated fibromyalgia. To whoever is searching for these two phrases, I HEAR YOU. Maybe you typed these in to google because you wanted someone to hear you. You might think no one is listening, but I heard you. I hope things get easier for you. I don't know you, but I care. I hope you find what you are looking for.

I think I'll add some happy words in this post and see if November's search results are cheerier. Commencing keyword experiment in 3...2...1...

bunny monkey hippo dragon cashmere yarn warm socks friends family framily love knitting challenge intellect puzzlement pansey nell hearth st. louis indianapolis knit night hand dyed hand painted merino camel vicuna dyeabolical superheroes wonder woman superman batman marvel dc outlander buffy angel spinning fiber spindle dpn tiara kitty ears antennae dinosaurs fresh paper green pens highlighers fall art yarn thanksgiving