Monday, December 1, 2008

In which I talk a lot will be down for the next few days. When it goes back up it will probably be a 1-page affair until I can build the site in to what I want it to be. The current configuration and shopping cart software just isn't doing it for me. I'm limited in what I can do with the current shopping cart and website host. Hopefully with the new website will be more flexible and professional looking. In the meantime, Dyeabolical Yarns can still be found on Etsy and I've extended the Thanksgiving sale! Mention you are a blog reader in the Notes to Seller and I will refund your shipping costs if you live in the U.S. or issue a partial refund if you have an international address.

Can we talk about Dyeabolical Yarns for a few minutes? The sheer amount of prep work dyeing requires has has always been a challenge. Prep work has become a real obstacle for me since I went back to freelance work. I perform best when my surroundings are clean and organized, at least my version of organized. If it is out of order I get twitchy and dyeing yarn can't happen if I'm Twitchy.

Twitchy Organized Self, who vacuums a lot and is great at dyeing yarn, is losing the battle to Lazy Cranky Frequently Achy Self who spent Monday, Wednesday and Saturday arguing with a questionably literate client who wants me to find her a first hand account of the afterlife. First hand account of the after life. After sending off a fourth email explaining that such a thing would be impossible, I verified that my sock yarn order would be arriving soon, prepped the kitchen, wound the rest of the wool I had on hand and knit a plain old scarf until I could knit no more. I gave it another shot this morning with the questionably literate client and then dyed my ass some yarn. 2 skeins of a bulky Mardi Gras-esque mutant yarn, 3 skeins of a bulky Elmo, a sweaters worth of chunky organic merino in a Blood Roses and the new White Queen colorway and I'm still boggled at the first hand account of the afterlife request. I'll post pictures of the yarn when it is dry. Do you sometimes feel like life is a non sequitor?

The writing is taking up much more time than I thought it would, especially since the service I use has discovered I have a talent for business documents. Tell me you are a successful salesperson who specializes in high-end electronics and I'll tell you that you are a highly qualified and successful luxury electronics sales professional who consistently outperforms national sales goals.

, I'm grateful for the extra work even at the expense of cutting back on dyeing, but spending so much extra time in my dark cave of an apartment is getting to me. Half of the problem would be solved by either moving the dyeing out of the house or moving to a larger place. Renting dye space seems more likely than moving at the moment. Does anyone know of someplace with running water, decent ventilation, at least some sunlight, and electricity than wouldn't mind the place smelling like wet sheep?