Friday, December 5, 2008

Stress Knitting

My creation
I don't usually jump on the bandwagon quite so quickly, but, well, Noro. Either you hate Noro or your have an undying love for it that compels you to drop Christmas knitting 3 weeks before Christmas and knit a 9 foot scarf for yourself even though you just declared to the world that you were incapable of knitting a long scarf for yourself. Noro is a perfectly valid excuse for all kinds of misbehavior in my universe.

[P.S. This is not the same Noro 1x1 scarf Scott was knitting in the other post. This is a brand new Noro scarf done in a brioche stitch knit by me.]

[P.P.S. Thanks to 7-Letter Deborah for the brioche idea. I started this scarf 4 times in 4 different needles sizes in 1x1 rib and discovered 4 different times that my knit 1, purl 1 rib needs work--lots and lots of work. Which, if you think about it, is really sad considering what I do for a living. Can I fall back on a 'those who can't, teach' excuse? .... What? That's a terrible excuse and absolutely false? I suppose you are right. I'll be casting on for a 1x1 ribbed scarf right after Christmas knitting is completed (or possibly for Lent *ahem*) and keep on knitting until I consistently produce a fabric I like. It is the right thing to do.]