Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Knitting in Review

2008 Finished Knit and Crochet Projects

I finished knitting or crocheting:
-6 scarves
-1 scarflette
-1 cowl
-4 hats
-4 pairs of socks
-1 pair of gloves
-2 pairs of fingerless mitts
-1 vest
-3 sweaters

The most challenging project was the cabled vest. It was also the most rewarding project, despite all those nasty things I said about their honeycomb cables and i-cord edging. Compared to previous years, most of my knitting was very simple this year. I knit and crocheted a lot of scarves this year, which is unusual for me. I typically abandon scarves when they are still in the scarflette stage.

While knitting was a refuge from stress this year, spinning became a source of stress. I spun intensely during July for the Tour de Fleece, but the wheel remained largely dormant the rest of the time. I sold the Babe Fiber Starter and upgraded the Traditional with a multi-speed flyer that made it zoom. Less than a month later I accidentally snapped the plastic piece that holds the flyer. Oy. I'm putting the spinning aside until I can dedicate a corner exclusively to wheels, spindles and wools. That won't happen until we move, hopefully in May.

I started many projects in 2008 that I did not finish or never got beyond a few rows. Many of these projects were never photographed. Here are a few that were:
2008 Frogged, Abandoned, Forgotten and Ignored Projects
-1 blanket which will be finished this week, now that I have gotten over the knitter knerves. I'm still a little knervous about weaving in all those slippery ends. It seems stupid to be knervous about knitting.

-gloves adapted from the Marina Piccola pattern by Kate Gilbert knit in Devil Jonah colorway. Abandoned after I did the fingers incorrectly. I should fix them and finish them.

-1 self designed fingerless mitt designed for very large hands and knitted from my own yarn in the Unity color. I finished one, put it up as a display to sell the color, took it down and forgot about it. I should finish it.
-A half a sock in color Blue Beetle. I couldn't get it over my heel. This was a theme this year with several pairs of socks. Note to self--enlarge slip stitch sock patterns

-A sample scarf work in progress. This is just a long strip of fabric with a few inches of each color of DK weight yarn on it.

-A side-to-side knit cardigan abandoned for lots and lots of reasons.

-A sock. I have at least 3 other socks in 3 other colors in this exact stage of knitting. Ribbing done, a few rows of knitting and abandoned.

-A simple sweater from an acrylic/cotton blend. The yarn is affordable, wears well and is great for a knock around sweater. Unfortunately, it also shows how badly I row out. This yarn might do better knit in the round.

-Double knitting swatches. This was a miserable failure of a project. If I ever want that Wonder Woman scarf I had better get back to charting and swatching.

-Candleflame shawl. I cast on for this the night our friend Jennie got the call that a set of lungs were available to her. I didn't have anything else available to knit, so I grabbed this from the shop and knit on it. Here's a hint, don't start any kind of lace when your friend is getting a transplant of any sort. It I made a LOT of mistakes and ultimately ended up frogging it.