Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WiFi Wendnesday

You don't know how much you take internet for granted until you don't have it anymore. No middle of the night bill paying (sorry, Citibank), no wikipedia-ing mysterious illnesses (fucking fibro), no instant maps, no obsessive research on what's eating my tomatillos (aphids), no wistful window shopping for the Topsy Turvy Tree (WANT! Want lots!) since we don't have good places for our regular topsy turvys, no googling to find out what that smell is (sweaty nervous cat) and no checking the status of my internet DSL order online despite AT&T's assurances that I can, in fact, check the status of my DSL installation online. I hate AT&T. Not fond of Charter, either. What other options are there for internet? OH! That's another thing, you can't reseach internet options without already having internet.

I broke down today, packed a bag and went to Bread Co. for lunch to borrow their wifi. I feel guilty about being here so long that I bought a second lunch to justify my table. I'm gonna eat it, too, because first lunch tasted a lot like first breakfast, which I've missed for 3 days in a row.

I should have more cotton base arriving next week but it will still be several weeks before I get the etsy shop back up and running. I've been napping and resting in between unpacking and cleaning. Moving is always hard. Being allergic to everything, fibro-broken and doing the majority of it alone just made it that much worse. A lot of people offered to help and I took some up on it, but a lot of moving is stuff you just have to do yourself, especially when you're purging while you pack. I purged a lot, like a dumpster and a half plus more than half of our furniture.

We weren't really pack rats, but we were bogged down in stuff just like the rest of the country has been since, oh, 1980 or so. We binged hard core on STUFF for the last decade and now we're getting over it. We're getting better at making do and refining our sense of what is 'worth it' and what isn't worth crap. We're pretty committed to starting over fresh even if it means lounging in camp chairs until the perfect 'worth it' couch reveals itself. And to be fair they are really comfortable camp chairs. (I read recently that it's now acceptable to start sentences with 'and' and 'but'. But the jury is still out on the use of excessive parentheticals.)

Where was I going with this blog post? I guess I could scroll up to remind myself but that would be lifting a finger to scroll and I am firmly committed to not lifting a finger for a few more hours.

I'm almost through my first Crown Mountain Farm Sock Hop yarn and in all my unpacking I found a small stack of vintage printed flour sack towels that I forgot I had. I've been afraid to use them in the past for fear of ruining them. Cheese and rice! This morning I pitched the old stained rags we had been using and put the flour sack towels on top.

And now for your completely random, I have been enjoying the highly blasphemous web-show, Mr. Diety. Godfrey Daniel!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Moving Day, or In Which I Stream My Consciousness

I wrote this on Wednesday, moving day. I was exhausted. Still am, actually. Things are starting to fall in to place now. Scott is home now and being good about lugging empty boxes to recycling 3 blocks away. The kitchen is unpacked and the other rooms have the right boxes in them. Kitty has adjusted to life in the big apartment. Nickolai has come out from under the bed and lives in the bathroom now. At least I don't have 42 pounds of scared cats crammed under my toilet pipes anymore.

Today was exhausting. Last night I slept draped across two camping chairs with one cat hiding beneath me and one wrapped around my neck. This morning I woke up to air full of pine pollen, a majorly major asthma trigger for me. At 7:30 I went back to the old apartment, sorted out the plants on the patio to be moved. The movers arrived and said they wouldn't move the plants. Then they would. Then they wouldn't move the computer stuff. Then they would. Then it was going to take 4 hours. Then an hour. Ultimately 5 hours. Then they broke a door at the old place. Then the landlord yelled at me. Then they nearly broke a door at the new place. Then they dropped my new table and broke the leg. Then later I discovered my desk drawers won't close all the way. Then they folded up my king size mattress like a taco and drug it up the stairs. I'm not sure how else they would have done it but it made me mentally calculate the interest rate I'm still paying off on a busted up mattress. One of them did something to my bathroom door because now it won't close all the way, either. Then finally they're done lugging boxes up with the help of Wonder Tammie, who has been a godsend through...well, through every thing I've ever done the last 3 years. She's fantastic that Tammie is. The movers were pretty good, too. Despite breaking some things, they did the best they could do with the information they had. Their company told them this was a small job, lots of furniture and few boxes. Wrong-o. Just a few pieces of furniture, a lot of boxes and 3 flights of stairs, plus they had 2 more jobs after mine.

Everyone leaves and finally the cats and I are alone! I nap for, oh, 10 minutes and then BANG BANG BANG as Kitten discovers she has the ability to open and close every single cabinet door she finds. So up I Get! I figure if I get 10 boxes unpacked every day that maybe I'll get done by the time it is time to renew my lease. I get 10 boxes done, order a sandwich, notice a distinct lack of kitty and panic. Can't find her, can't find her, can't find her. Called Wonder Tammie who helped look for her. Resigned myself to never seeing my cat again. Heard her mewling from behind the wall. Contemplated ripping out cabinetry with my bare hands to get to her when I notice an opening about as big as my wrist and my cat has stuffed herself in it. We both have bruises, but she's safe. A little unhappy that her new hidey hole was boarded over by maintenance the next day, but safe.

There were a few bumps getting in to this place, including unanticipated expenses, a lost cat, some broken furniture, bruises, but we're here and we love it. No looking back!

View from the balcony
The view from our balcony, straight in to a tree. The birds are a little bit of an issue but the privacy is worth it.

Deep windows good for sitting and for cats
All of the windows are good cat windows and double as extra seating. I think knitted cushions are in order here.

This is my favorite room. 2 doors plus a window plus a good view of my garden and the TV. Life? It is good.

Great bedroom light
No wait, this is my favorite room. East facing windows, waking up naturally with the sun, great big closets and 2, count 'em, 2 bathrooms.

More updates when I can steal internet again.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Giveaway Winner

The winner of the sock yarn give away is Stells Bells! Stellsbells, shoot me an email with your name and address and I'll get this in the mail to you.

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word of my moving sale and who gave me playlist suggestions. Here were the songs suggested for my moving playlist:

Leaving Las Vegas by Sheryl Crow
any song by The Doors
Money by Fleetwood Mac (any ideas where to find this?)
Room to Move by John Mayall
No Sex for Ben by The Rapture
anything by Peaches
anything by White Stripes
anything by Scissor Sisters

Moving day is Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The sale and giveaway are still going on. Click here for more details.

I took nearly every linen and garment we own to the laundry today in preparation of moving. These blankets and quilts rarely see the light of day and that's too bad. They are beautiful.

I was talking to my mother-in-law this weekend about the quilts her mother made. She shared that her mother wants them used. I shared that as a knitter I would want my items used. Both of us shared with each other that even know these beautiful items were meant to be used that we have a hard time bringing ourselves to actually use them for fear of hurting them.

I know, I intellectually know, that these are sturdy items meant to be washed and used. It wasn't until I took a leap of faith and actually washed and dried them that I actually believed they that they could survive it or almost anything else I through at it. Even if they didn't survive it, they were meant to be used. They washed beautifully. I felt bad putting them back in bags.

I snapped a few cell phone pictures before putting them away. I are not quite ready yet to put some of these quilts out, but soon I think. I'll have to talk to Scott about it since most of them do belong to him. In the past he has been pro-storing safely. Maybe now that we're older, a little more responsible and do laundry a little more often he'll be okay with using them. Maybe we can use them in our new apartment providing the leasing office ever calls us back and tells us we actually have the apartment which I hope is soon because I can't stand the suspense, not that I'm worried or anything it's just that it's been 4 days and I know a weekend was in there but still I wish they would just call. Not that I'm nervous.

Bridal Shower Afghan
Knitted by Erna, Scott's Grandmother, for our bridal shower gift

Bridal Shower Afghan
Crocheted by Aunt Shirly for a bridal shower gift

1980 quilt for Scott
Quilted by Marie, Scott's other grandmother, in 1980 as a gift for Scott

Patchwork quilt
Mom's first quilt. I think the church ladies taught her to quilt. I used the heck of this when I was a kid.

Grandchild wedding ring quilt
Quilted by Marie to be given to the first grandchild to get married. That's us.

Scott's childhood quilt
Quilted by Marie. This used to be on Scott's bed at his parents house.

Pom-pom quilt
Made by Marie. I'm pretty sure the number of yo-yos in here number in to the thousands. This quilt is huge. Fun fact about me--I confuse yo-yo and pon-poms with alarming regularity. They are nothing alike.

Log Cabin
Log cabin quilt made by Marie

Monday, May 11, 2009

Moving Sale! Giveaway!

I'm moving!

I'm not entirely sure where I am moving yet, but I am moving! I gave my landlord notice that we will not be renewing. We reaffirmed our commitment to get the hell out of our current place when we opened our storage locker Friday evening and had to pitch well over half of our belongings because they were mildewed through or full of that delightful black and red mold.

We have applied for a bigger, better apartment that will cater to most of my neurosis and has a balcony. What more can you ask for? We will know by Wednesday if we got the apartment. In the meantime I'm acting like we did get the apartment because, as I mentioned, I already gave notice. Nothing like jumping in with both feet. Someone have a life preserver handy, okay?

To help pay for movers celebrate getting the 'ell out of here, I am having a moving sale. All items in my shop are included in this sale, including sale items.

In the 'message to seller box' enter the phrase "I like to move it, move it" before Friday at 5PM CST and I will discount your subtotal by 23%. Why 23%? Because I couldn't decide between 20 or 25. There ya go, that's how my brain works.

You must use the phrase "I like to move it, move it" in the message to seller box during checkout to recieve the discount. IMPORTANT: Once you place an order you can either pay through paypal (like normal) and I will refund 23% of your subtotal OR you can commit to buy through etsy but skip the paypal step until I can send you a corrected paypal invoice. Once you receive the invoice you have 24-hours to pay.

And now a giveaway! To be entered to win a skein of Strong Arm sock yarn, mention this sale and link to me or my shop in your blog then come back here and leave me a link to your blog post. No blog? No problem. Suggest a song that would make a good addition to my moving music playlist and I'll put your name in to the drawing. Your comment must be left by midnight Thursday.

Once the sale is over, the shop will go in to vacation mode for several weeks while I move, set up my space and get new stock in.

Find me at:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1000 Strands

Have you seen this? Amazing!

Random Bullets

  • I pulled out Scott's sweater again this week and really faced it. The first full whiff smelled so much like that hospital that I put it right back in the bag, sealed it and fought waves of nausea. I want this sweater off my shoulders. I don't want it hanging around unfinished reminding me of the last days I knit on it, so Scott and I took it outside, dumped the contents out and threw the bag away. Then I draped the sweater and all the yarn over his parents deck and let the wind take care of most of it. It's in the car now accumulating the various smells of the backseat and whatever the wind blows in, which I'm sure is not pleasant but it isn't hospital smell.
  • I am selling 2 undyed 3 lb 5 oz+ cones of rayon chenille yarn (100% rayon, 1000 yards per pound), as well as several 8oz. skeins. It is a good yarn, but not quite what I was looking for. I was so confident I knew what I was ordering but it was just the wrong thing. I am asking $25 for each 3lb 5oz cone and $5 each for the 8oz skeins, plus shipping. It normally retails for between $13-$16 per pound. This yarn is good for knitting and crocheting and makes excellent woven scarves.
  • I've given up on the webpage. This is my official notice that I am looking for someone to help build my website. I have a mock up of what I want. It is simple and essentially all I need is someone to help me with this little stuff that should be easy but that I cannot figure out. Embedding true type font in to a website, for example. Are you a web designer/web builder? Email me at stlrachelknits at gmail dot com
  • Our lease is up at the end of the month and we still haven't found a place. We stupidly got our hearts set on buying and so far the stars have not aligned themselves. We thought we might stay here a few more months to save money but, ah, no. Uh-uh. I'm done here. We saw a few houses for rent that we loved but others beat us to it. We saw a few apartments that we didn't hate but had more carpeting than I want to deal with again. If anyone out there in blog land knows of a good rental house, condo or townhome please let me know. Ideally they would allow cats, have hardwood floors and a patio/balcony/yard.
  • I was down to 683 unread blog posts yesterday, but back up to 723 today. Must read faster.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

PSA: Let's Knit2gether giveaway

The most recent episode of the videocast Let's Knit2gether features discloth knitting and *drumroll please* a Dyeabolical yarn giveaway! Watch the video cast and then leave a comment on the Let's Knit2gether blog to be entered to win.

I wasn't expecting my yarn to go up so quickly in the give away, so my website front page wasn't finished in time. This is completely my fault. How long have I been dragging my feet on this? I have the design finished but I'm pretty I'm not tech savvy enough to get it written in a short amount of time. If anyone out there in blog land can help me with a basic blog design I would be grateful. I am looking for 1 page image and links to start and wanting to grow from there. Please email me at stlrachelknits at gmail dot com with your information and rates if you are interested. Thanks!