Thursday, January 1, 2009


The stereotype that knitters are nice, kind, matronly and would never ever break in and vandalize their friends homes with 3 giant party packs of balloons is wrong. You just shouldn't trust most knitters, especially knitting friends who know how to get in to your house while you are out of town. They really can't be trusted. Turns out knitters have a wicked streak and would, given the opportunity, stuff balloons in every available nook and cranny of your home while you are out of town.

The culprits:

Sungazing, the ringleader and possibly my lord and master. She also forgot her camera which is why you get my crappy cell phone pictures instead of her professional ones.
Sungazing in the tub

Tempest in a Pot of Tea, who I thought would have talked us out of it
Tempest Tea and her Balloon

Blogless Transplant Mom, who no one would ever suspect:
Transplant Mom

and me, who should have known better.
Evidence that I am Sungazing's minion

We put balloons in every place we could think of that would be safe from feline interference. There are balloons in the fridge, the sink, the mixer, their bags, closets, filing cabinet, every trashcan, a few laundry baskets and a few places I don't think they have found yet. That took maybe 30-40 balloons. The remaining 200 or so balloons we split between two main targets--the giant tub and the office. Very little knitting took place. [Picture on the right is of two of the victims throwing their hands up in despair that they have been targeted for such a horrendous crime. Or perhaps they are enjoying a pool-sized tub filled with balloons. Hard to say. :) More pictures in my flickr account here and in the victims flickr account here]
Filling the office