Thursday, February 5, 2009

Small Update

  • A year ago my friend Selena's daughter had a double lung transplant. Things have not been going according to plan lately and we have spent a lot of time in an ICU waiting room this week. Prayers, well wishes and good thoughts are welcome if you are so inclined.
  • My knitting this week has taken a negative nose dive. I finished the top-down sleeve caps for Scott's sweater before he left town last week. They were slightly baggy, but considering how many problems I've had with errors in the pattern a little baggy sleeve cap was livable. While he was gone I finished both sleeves and began on the body. I was about 6" of straight knitting from being finished when he was able to try it on again. Do I need to even finish this story? You all can guess what happened. RIP RIP RIP RIP. Luckily this all happened in the waiting room and the best knitter I know was there with me for several days to help brainstorm the best way to fix it.