Thursday, February 12, 2009

Handknit Heroes

Recently the creators sent me a copy of Handknit Heroes, a comic book with knitting content, and asked for a review. A comic combining superheroism, supervilliany and knitting? Hmmm, let me think about this. Would I, the dyer of such yarns as Dark Knight and Shulkie, want to review a comic book? Hells ya!
I decided to approach the review from three angles--knitting content, story and art.

I love the idea of adding knitting content to a comic book. When I first heard of Handknit Heroes I did wonder how they would insert knitting in to a comic story without cornering themselves in to a very narrow niche market. What I found is the knitting content is introduced in the story naturally. It follows the plot line instead of feeling artificially inserted in to a pre-determined story. Handknit Heroes is definitely a niche comic for knitters who read comics right now. The addition of a knitting pattern in the back pages will hopefully attract more knitters to comics. Fitting knititng content in to an otherwise good story will hopefully attract non-knitters, as well. I would like to see a niche comic like this succeed. How many times can I say niche in one paragraph?


The story starts a little slow, like most early issue comics. It takes the storytellers time to develop the stories and background and it takes the reader some time to become familiar with this new world. That is normal and expected (at least for me) whether reading a new comic, watching a new show are reading a new book. Handknit Heroes is intriguing enough on its own without the knitting content that I will get the next issue. I want to know more about these characters. I am curious to see how the story continues to develop.
The art is not distracting from the story and moves the story along. As a personal preference, I generally prefer less angular faces and fewer lines. As with many new indie comics, the art develops over time. I look forward to seeing that development.
Learn more about HandKnit Heroes and how to obtain your own copy by visiting their website.