Friday, February 13, 2009

Mah birfday, Let's get on with it

I'm going to go ahead and apologize for getting "Let's Get it On" stuck in your head. All I have to do is hear the words "Let's Get it On" and I'm humming it to myself for days. There's precious few things more more embarrassing than sitting at work singing "Let's Get it On" to yourself. Don't let this happen to you. Clear the earworm I just gave you by going to and downloading a free copy of this VD classic. And by 'VD' I mean Valentines Day, of course. [Amazon will ask for a payment method. Ignore that and just hit continue to download your song at no charge.]

Today is my birthday and Friday the 13th. I don't buy in to that Friday the 13th nonsense except so far my birthday has consisted of 3 hours of laying wide awake grateful to be breathing a little bit easier but not so grateful for steroid-induced insomnia, 1 hour of dreaming about how to pack funny zombies into Plexiglas cubes Tetris-style and half an hour humming "Let's Get it On"while the cats give me funny looks.

I'm suspicious about how the day has started, but haven't declared it unlucky yet. I might be meeting a few friends later today. This evening we're having dinner and cake with my family. Tomorrow a double date for homemade fried chicken and more cake. Then next week is Mardi Gras, the first derby bout of the season (season pass! woo!) and an Oscar party, so even if Friday the 13th doesn't work out so well I have next week to look forward to.

My knit night group through me a party this past Wednesday the best way they know how--with 1 cake, 2 pans of brownies, a batch of mochi and a Greek feast complete with saganaki (OPA!), baklava and very thoughtful and unexpected gifts. No pictures of the Greek feast at Ari's Resturant. I was too mesmerized by the flaming cheese to pull out my camera.
Knit night birthday
From left to right, top to bottom:
  • Sugar, sugar, sugar. Yum. Yum. Yum. One of those brownies are gluten free and surprisingly good. I had three of them even after finding out the main ingredients are black beans and coffee. I may have to ask for the recipe. SO GOOD!
  • Kakao marshmallow pie and moon cakes from Ann. The pies were so good that I went out and bought two of them for the biggest marshmallow lover I know. Several of us split a small moon cake to share the luck. It was one of the best moon cakes I have had. Good flavor, just the right size, rich but not overpowering.
  • Industrial ball winder--Wow. I was amazed that they got this for me. I am so touched that my friends remembered I wanted this and chipped in for it. Have you seen the video of this ball winder? The video is a little dry and very long, but for us yarn store workers this is like porn. The only thing hotter would be a video of an adjustable electronic skein winder with triple skein attachments and counter. Let's get it on.
  • Pop Rocks are the best candy in the whole world. The day I met Scott we slammed a few bottles of Nitro Cola (with extra caffeine!) and a few packs of Pop Rocks and ended up throwing a gross of Snap-n-Pops off the top of the Arch stairs one pack at a time. The cops standing at the bottom of the Arch stairs did not find this amusing at all. As an adult I am appalled. My inner 15 year old is still giggling.
  • That Princess of Power sticker is stuck to the front of my refrigerator now.
  • I love this pendant Mindy from CraftyandCrap made for me. She is responsible for the Pop Rocks, the sticker and the mochi. She also is one of the few indie dyers who still does self-striping yarns and she dyes them in Muppet-themed colorways.
  • Ann and I have been talking about Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop yarn for a year now. I'm having a hard time waiting for my new ball winder to wind this up. It is soft, springy, with good color and great yardage. Ann also brought Grape Crush soda. Ann is awesome.
  • A lucky La-di-day stitch marker made by Suzanne (available at Knitorious) and a gift from Deborah. I think this stitch marker is lucky. I've been letting it hang out with the sweater of error and doom and for the first time in weeks this sweater is finally doing what it is supposed to be doing.
  • This last picture isn't a gift, but they are cool. Deborah tested the organic merino chunky yarn in my shop by making these mitts. They are very warm and soft. More info in a future blog post.
I am very lucky, Friday the 13th or not, to have my knitting pals both online and in real life. Thank you.

*yawn* I'm finally getting sleepy. I don't have to be up for....45 minutes. *headdesk* Maybe I'll have another moon cake for luck.