Monday, March 30, 2009


March has sucked. I was going to say March sucked balls but then I thought that might be a little too crude even for my blog but now I've told you I was going to say it I might as well say it. March sucked balls.

Our family has been a big ball of stress the last few weeks. Early in the month Jennie passed away. The next day our Uncle Daniel died from a heart attack while shoveling snow. I am writing this blog entry from room 911 of the hospital my dad has been for 13 days and will likely be for many more days. [Good thing I'm not superstitious about numbers.] Last week my older sister was hospitalized in very serious condition, too. She's home now, but with a two very uncomfortable diagnoses. That's just the highlights. Let's not even discuss what has happened to my moving fund. If I could make the text of this blog post vibrate with stress I would.

Luckily I have two flexible jobs that usually allow me be at the hospital when other people aren't able to be there. The kickass Knitorious co-workers are covering my shifts for a few weeks while I help where I can with family issues and, hopefully, get Dyeabolical moving in the right direction again. I have been a little too flexible with Dyeabolical the last few months. I'm running low on inventory and I haven't stayed on top of advertising deadlines.

I should have 45 pounds of new yarn delivered this week. I'm taking a gamble that you all still love sock yarn but are yearning for some sport weight cotton to make super-bright-seen-from-space toddler togs and bulky rayon super soft chenille in super-bright colors for sinfully luxurious simple scarfs. If I ever start another blog I think I shall call it I Love Alliteration.

All my Dyeabolical plans kind of hinge on having time to actually get this done. You would think having a spouse who is frequently out of town would lead to MORE time to do things. You would think.

Hey, speaking of Dyeabolical, those of you who buy yarn online from me. How do you feel about swag? How would you feel about getting handmade soap as part of your swag?