Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flash Your Stash

Yesterday I destashed a full third of my stash. What is left is 12.5 miles of yarn that fits in 1.5 boxes not including the 'scrap' box of Dyeabolical yarn or the many many works in progress. 12.5 miles waiting. I can deal with that.

My Stash

My dad has improved and my sister is home from the hospital and feels a little bit better. Thank you for all the kind emails and phone calls. I'm sorry I didn't answer them. I needed some down time. Since my sister was home and my dad was improving I took most of this week off from visiting the hospital. I took some of that down time, started figuring a few things out and lit a much needed and cathartic fire under my dye pots.

There are 2-4 braids of most of these colors. They will be up on etsy over the next week or two or you can email me. There are still clearance yarns available, too.