Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dyeabolical Yarns blog

I am starting to cross post at http://dyeabolicalyarns.blogspot.com/. That blog will be exclusively information about Dyeabolical™ whereas this blog you are reading is more about me, my knitting and my life.

I view this blog (stlrachelknits) as more of a conversation. I interact with you, many of you are friends in real life or online, some of you aren't even involved in the fiber world and read for the non-knitting content. I will continue to update this blog with the same information that I put in the Dyeabolical blog, but I won't put everything in the other blog that I put here. I hope that makes sense. The plan for that blog is to be less conversational and more about shop updates, new yarns, etc.

Essentially, I am trying to be better about "branding" and it makes more sense that I have a blog that is exclusively about Dyeabolical™. If you are already following me here then you don't need to follow me there. If you are here only for the shop updates and could care less about the chatter then visit me at http://dyeabolicalyarns.blogspot.com/

[Note: The name of my company is Dyeabolical™, not Dyeabolical Yarns. I initially started out selling as Dyeabolical Yarns but have since moved to plain Dyeabolical™ since I sell more than just yarn. It is too much of a hassle to try and change all of my links and some URLs aren't available, so while my yarns are Dyeabolical™ some of my URLs are Dyeabolical Yarns. Are you thoroughly confused? Me, too. :)]