Monday, April 13, 2009

That time of year

If we can't have the home of our dreams, if we have to stay in the apartment of our reality (for at least a few more months) then we can at least turn our patio in to a rain forest.

We planted our patio garden this weekend, and by we I mean Scott. He's the gardener. I'm the one who likes the idea of gardening but not the schlepping of water cans to and from my kitchen. The most I contributed to the garden was to loudly insist we have brussels sprouts, to protest about the amount of real estate we devote to basil and to start some of those cheap seed kits from Target and Michael's. [ETA: Upon rereading I see that "the most I contributed to the garden" is pretty much an outright lie slight exaggeration. :) I may have been partially responsible for the sunflower, sweet pea, tomato, strawberry even though we swore we weren't going to do them again, more tomato even though the squirrels eat them, and green pepper (I hate green peppers) seeds. It didn't really hit home until this morning that Scott's travel-intensive job might mean that I'll be the water can schlepper. Dang it.]

I have 5 pots on my sink right now germinating half a bajillion baby tomato plants, enough sunflowers to cover half of France, 890 green pepper plants (I hate green peppers) and 140 sweet pea plants*, which wikipedia tells me isn't really an edible pea at all and if ingested will cause scurvy-like symptoms. Awesome.

They'll all be dead by next week. I've already knocked one pot of tomato seedlings off the sink and in to a sinkful of soaking yarn being prepped for dyeing. If you buy cotton yarn from me that suddenly sprouts tomatoes you'll know why.
Pictured below (I'm sure I'm spelling half of these wrong):
  • dead ivy
  • campanula
  • canas
  • kalanchoe
  • aloe
  • hens and chicks
  • spicy basil
  • sweet basil
  • italian herb pot with parsley, rosemary, oregano and basil (anyone need basil?)
  • strawberries
  • balloon flower
  • wild tiger lilies that grow by our patio naturally
  • christmas cactus
  • pablano peppers
  • jalapeno
  • pansies
  • orange mint
  • upside down tomato planter
  • another strawberry planter
  • more pansies
  • cucumber plant
  • brussels sprouts
  • catnip
  • some kind of fuzzy headed flower
  • some kind of flowering succulent
  • jade plant
  • forlorn cat who really really wants to eat the garden
We still need:
  • orange and yellow peppers
  • another upside down planter for zucchini and squash
  • a good baby lettuce
  • possibly radishes
  • a realistic idea of what you can and cannot grow in a pot because clearly we are both off our rockers if we think anything but the peppers, basil and catnip will flourish. It's like we don't remember the attack of the giant horn worm or the squirrel invasion we get every single year.
*I might be slightly exaggerating how many plants I have germinating, except the tomatoes. I haven't counted but there is at least half a bajillion.

My creation

My creation