Monday, April 20, 2009

Catching up

  • I spent Thursday and Friday miserable with allergies and the beginnings of a cold that I successfully threw off in time for Scott to be ill through the weekend. Oy. We're both better now and spent today catching up on cleaning and paperwork.
  • Knitting on the cotton slub tank continues. I thought I would be finished by now but I forgot how much slower I purled than knit. I am finished with the back and started the front. I just need to finish the front and do the edging around the arm holes. By my estimations I will run out of yarn just short of finishing the second front. Figures. Good thing I know where to get more yarn. [P.S. I just took futher mark downs on all of my clearance and seconds yarns.]
  • The plan for this week is to finish winding the cotton slub, finish dyeing, get pictures done, catching up on the 1000+ unread blog entries on my blog roll and maybe finally possibly figure out WTH is wrong with my website that it won't publish. Knitting goals include finishing the tank, making progress on Scott's sweater and finding where I put my wrist/thumb brace....nevermind. I just looked over and there it was. I have been looking for it all day. I should have sat down to blog earlier.
  • This weekend I had three treats--I listened to Deborah's talk on men and knitting during the 19th century, bought fresh goat cheese direct from a farming family and discovered Scott's company offers dental insurance. Wa-hoo! I don't have a picture of the cheese, but have a picture of Deborah and her model Doug, husband to the talented RMS.
Deborah and Doug
  • I have one more treat tomorrow before an intense week of working and cleaning begins, my first trip to Crown Candy Kitchen for some high-fat, high sugar meal. Yum.