Friday, April 24, 2009

Tanky Tank Tank

The plans for this week were to finish winding, dyeing and photographing the cotton slub, catching up on the 1000+ unread blog entries on my blog roll and maybe finally possibly address the one thing I have let go far too long and figure out what the hell is wrong with my website that it won't publish. Knitting goals included finishing the tank and making progress on Scott's sweater. Here's how I did:

  • Keeley the Yarn Minion finished winding the cotton slub yarn. She is thrilled with her stack of empty cones. :
Keeley shows off her empty cones
[It is possible I may be more thrilled than she is and coerced her to pose with these cones under threat of making her wind more yarn]
  • I finished dyeing the cotton slub yarn. As you can see I did not get around to taking good pictures of the yarn, only quick snapshots.

Fresh from the dye pot
  • My Google Reader unread blog posts count is, drumroll please, 1000+. I don't have an actual number. I think Google thinks I may sprain something if I know exactly how many blog posts I have unread. I have been making an effort to catch up this week, though. I broke in to the April posts and am nearly through the Easter weekend.
  • Hey look! My website is viewable to the whole wide world! I won't link because it really isn't worth checking out yet unless you want to see some crappy text that reads "Dyeabolical Yarns". It isn't pretty but it is better than what was there. Maybe this summer I'll get the whole thing built up and working the way I want it. Wait a minute, isn't that what I did LAST summer? *grumblegrumble*
  • I did not work on Scott's sweater. Every time I go to open the bag that the sweater is in I can't bring myself to do it. That bag and that sweater was my constant companion sitting in the ICU waiting room with Jennie's mom. I'm pretty sure when I open the bag it will smell like that waiting room. Plus, the sweater has been a giant pain in the ass what with the pattern being completely and totally wrong. It will be months before Scott needs a sweater again. It can wait.
  • I did finish the tank! Wooooo! I have no idea if it will fit a real person yet. I wanted to make something for Keeley to wear and abuse so I get an idea of how the yarn held up over time. I wanted to limit myself to only using 2 skeins of this inventory yarn so ditched the Keeley idea and went with a smaller size. Through what I can only describe as a stunning display of 'I don't think we need to test you for LD when your GPA is so high' dyslexia, I transposed the numbers for the various sizes throughout the pattern. I did this a lot and in many places. I haven't tried this on a real person yet. I think I made a nice recovery, but it is not a small. It is also not 2 skeins of yarn. I hate running out an inch from the end.
Steamblocked (19)
Steamblocked (30)
Yarn: Cotton Slub by Dyeabolical in Orange, 3 skeins. I barely broke in to the 3rd skein.
Pattern: Isabella by Jordana Paige
Modifications: I knit in the round instead of flat pieces. There were obviously sizing differences. I added 10% to each of the length measurements intending this sweater to go through a hot wash and dry before giving it away (more on that later). I did a crocheted crab stitch around the arms and neck instead of a picot edge like I did at the hem.