Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1000 Strands

Have you seen this? Amazing!

Random Bullets

  • I pulled out Scott's sweater again this week and really faced it. The first full whiff smelled so much like that hospital that I put it right back in the bag, sealed it and fought waves of nausea. I want this sweater off my shoulders. I don't want it hanging around unfinished reminding me of the last days I knit on it, so Scott and I took it outside, dumped the contents out and threw the bag away. Then I draped the sweater and all the yarn over his parents deck and let the wind take care of most of it. It's in the car now accumulating the various smells of the backseat and whatever the wind blows in, which I'm sure is not pleasant but it isn't hospital smell.
  • I am selling 2 undyed 3 lb 5 oz+ cones of rayon chenille yarn (100% rayon, 1000 yards per pound), as well as several 8oz. skeins. It is a good yarn, but not quite what I was looking for. I was so confident I knew what I was ordering but it was just the wrong thing. I am asking $25 for each 3lb 5oz cone and $5 each for the 8oz skeins, plus shipping. It normally retails for between $13-$16 per pound. This yarn is good for knitting and crocheting and makes excellent woven scarves.
  • I've given up on the webpage. This is my official notice that I am looking for someone to help build my website. I have a mock up of what I want. It is simple and essentially all I need is someone to help me with this little stuff that should be easy but that I cannot figure out. Embedding true type font in to a website, for example. Are you a web designer/web builder? Email me at stlrachelknits at gmail dot com
  • Our lease is up at the end of the month and we still haven't found a place. We stupidly got our hearts set on buying and so far the stars have not aligned themselves. We thought we might stay here a few more months to save money but, ah, no. Uh-uh. I'm done here. We saw a few houses for rent that we loved but others beat us to it. We saw a few apartments that we didn't hate but had more carpeting than I want to deal with again. If anyone out there in blog land knows of a good rental house, condo or townhome please let me know. Ideally they would allow cats, have hardwood floors and a patio/balcony/yard.
  • I was down to 683 unread blog posts yesterday, but back up to 723 today. Must read faster.