Monday, May 11, 2009

Moving Sale! Giveaway!

I'm moving!

I'm not entirely sure where I am moving yet, but I am moving! I gave my landlord notice that we will not be renewing. We reaffirmed our commitment to get the hell out of our current place when we opened our storage locker Friday evening and had to pitch well over half of our belongings because they were mildewed through or full of that delightful black and red mold.

We have applied for a bigger, better apartment that will cater to most of my neurosis and has a balcony. What more can you ask for? We will know by Wednesday if we got the apartment. In the meantime I'm acting like we did get the apartment because, as I mentioned, I already gave notice. Nothing like jumping in with both feet. Someone have a life preserver handy, okay?

To help pay for movers celebrate getting the 'ell out of here, I am having a moving sale. All items in my shop are included in this sale, including sale items.

In the 'message to seller box' enter the phrase "I like to move it, move it" before Friday at 5PM CST and I will discount your subtotal by 23%. Why 23%? Because I couldn't decide between 20 or 25. There ya go, that's how my brain works.

You must use the phrase "I like to move it, move it" in the message to seller box during checkout to recieve the discount. IMPORTANT: Once you place an order you can either pay through paypal (like normal) and I will refund 23% of your subtotal OR you can commit to buy through etsy but skip the paypal step until I can send you a corrected paypal invoice. Once you receive the invoice you have 24-hours to pay.

And now a giveaway! To be entered to win a skein of Strong Arm sock yarn, mention this sale and link to me or my shop in your blog then come back here and leave me a link to your blog post. No blog? No problem. Suggest a song that would make a good addition to my moving music playlist and I'll put your name in to the drawing. Your comment must be left by midnight Thursday.

Once the sale is over, the shop will go in to vacation mode for several weeks while I move, set up my space and get new stock in.

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