Tuesday, May 12, 2009


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I took nearly every linen and garment we own to the laundry today in preparation of moving. These blankets and quilts rarely see the light of day and that's too bad. They are beautiful.

I was talking to my mother-in-law this weekend about the quilts her mother made. She shared that her mother wants them used. I shared that as a knitter I would want my items used. Both of us shared with each other that even know these beautiful items were meant to be used that we have a hard time bringing ourselves to actually use them for fear of hurting them.

I know, I intellectually know, that these are sturdy items meant to be washed and used. It wasn't until I took a leap of faith and actually washed and dried them that I actually believed they that they could survive it or almost anything else I through at it. Even if they didn't survive it, they were meant to be used. They washed beautifully. I felt bad putting them back in bags.

I snapped a few cell phone pictures before putting them away. I are not quite ready yet to put some of these quilts out, but soon I think. I'll have to talk to Scott about it since most of them do belong to him. In the past he has been pro-storing safely. Maybe now that we're older, a little more responsible and do laundry a little more often he'll be okay with using them. Maybe we can use them in our new apartment providing the leasing office ever calls us back and tells us we actually have the apartment which I hope is soon because I can't stand the suspense, not that I'm worried or anything it's just that it's been 4 days and I know a weekend was in there but still I wish they would just call. Not that I'm nervous.

Bridal Shower Afghan
Knitted by Erna, Scott's Grandmother, for our bridal shower gift

Bridal Shower Afghan
Crocheted by Aunt Shirly for a bridal shower gift

1980 quilt for Scott
Quilted by Marie, Scott's other grandmother, in 1980 as a gift for Scott

Patchwork quilt
Mom's first quilt. I think the church ladies taught her to quilt. I used the heck of this when I was a kid.

Grandchild wedding ring quilt
Quilted by Marie to be given to the first grandchild to get married. That's us.

Scott's childhood quilt
Quilted by Marie. This used to be on Scott's bed at his parents house.

Pom-pom quilt
Made by Marie. I'm pretty sure the number of yo-yos in here number in to the thousands. This quilt is huge. Fun fact about me--I confuse yo-yo and pon-poms with alarming regularity. They are nothing alike.

Log Cabin
Log cabin quilt made by Marie