Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Moving Day, or In Which I Stream My Consciousness

I wrote this on Wednesday, moving day. I was exhausted. Still am, actually. Things are starting to fall in to place now. Scott is home now and being good about lugging empty boxes to recycling 3 blocks away. The kitchen is unpacked and the other rooms have the right boxes in them. Kitty has adjusted to life in the big apartment. Nickolai has come out from under the bed and lives in the bathroom now. At least I don't have 42 pounds of scared cats crammed under my toilet pipes anymore.

Today was exhausting. Last night I slept draped across two camping chairs with one cat hiding beneath me and one wrapped around my neck. This morning I woke up to air full of pine pollen, a majorly major asthma trigger for me. At 7:30 I went back to the old apartment, sorted out the plants on the patio to be moved. The movers arrived and said they wouldn't move the plants. Then they would. Then they wouldn't move the computer stuff. Then they would. Then it was going to take 4 hours. Then an hour. Ultimately 5 hours. Then they broke a door at the old place. Then the landlord yelled at me. Then they nearly broke a door at the new place. Then they dropped my new table and broke the leg. Then later I discovered my desk drawers won't close all the way. Then they folded up my king size mattress like a taco and drug it up the stairs. I'm not sure how else they would have done it but it made me mentally calculate the interest rate I'm still paying off on a busted up mattress. One of them did something to my bathroom door because now it won't close all the way, either. Then finally they're done lugging boxes up with the help of Wonder Tammie, who has been a godsend through...well, through every thing I've ever done the last 3 years. She's fantastic that Tammie is. The movers were pretty good, too. Despite breaking some things, they did the best they could do with the information they had. Their company told them this was a small job, lots of furniture and few boxes. Wrong-o. Just a few pieces of furniture, a lot of boxes and 3 flights of stairs, plus they had 2 more jobs after mine.

Everyone leaves and finally the cats and I are alone! I nap for, oh, 10 minutes and then BANG BANG BANG as Kitten discovers she has the ability to open and close every single cabinet door she finds. So up I Get! I figure if I get 10 boxes unpacked every day that maybe I'll get done by the time it is time to renew my lease. I get 10 boxes done, order a sandwich, notice a distinct lack of kitty and panic. Can't find her, can't find her, can't find her. Called Wonder Tammie who helped look for her. Resigned myself to never seeing my cat again. Heard her mewling from behind the wall. Contemplated ripping out cabinetry with my bare hands to get to her when I notice an opening about as big as my wrist and my cat has stuffed herself in it. We both have bruises, but she's safe. A little unhappy that her new hidey hole was boarded over by maintenance the next day, but safe.

There were a few bumps getting in to this place, including unanticipated expenses, a lost cat, some broken furniture, bruises, but we're here and we love it. No looking back!

View from the balcony
The view from our balcony, straight in to a tree. The birds are a little bit of an issue but the privacy is worth it.

Deep windows good for sitting and for cats
All of the windows are good cat windows and double as extra seating. I think knitted cushions are in order here.

This is my favorite room. 2 doors plus a window plus a good view of my garden and the TV. Life? It is good.

Great bedroom light
No wait, this is my favorite room. East facing windows, waking up naturally with the sun, great big closets and 2, count 'em, 2 bathrooms.

More updates when I can steal internet again.