Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WiFi Wendnesday

You don't know how much you take internet for granted until you don't have it anymore. No middle of the night bill paying (sorry, Citibank), no wikipedia-ing mysterious illnesses (fucking fibro), no instant maps, no obsessive research on what's eating my tomatillos (aphids), no wistful window shopping for the Topsy Turvy Tree (WANT! Want lots!) since we don't have good places for our regular topsy turvys, no googling to find out what that smell is (sweaty nervous cat) and no checking the status of my internet DSL order online despite AT&T's assurances that I can, in fact, check the status of my DSL installation online. I hate AT&T. Not fond of Charter, either. What other options are there for internet? OH! That's another thing, you can't reseach internet options without already having internet.

I broke down today, packed a bag and went to Bread Co. for lunch to borrow their wifi. I feel guilty about being here so long that I bought a second lunch to justify my table. I'm gonna eat it, too, because first lunch tasted a lot like first breakfast, which I've missed for 3 days in a row.

I should have more cotton base arriving next week but it will still be several weeks before I get the etsy shop back up and running. I've been napping and resting in between unpacking and cleaning. Moving is always hard. Being allergic to everything, fibro-broken and doing the majority of it alone just made it that much worse. A lot of people offered to help and I took some up on it, but a lot of moving is stuff you just have to do yourself, especially when you're purging while you pack. I purged a lot, like a dumpster and a half plus more than half of our furniture.

We weren't really pack rats, but we were bogged down in stuff just like the rest of the country has been since, oh, 1980 or so. We binged hard core on STUFF for the last decade and now we're getting over it. We're getting better at making do and refining our sense of what is 'worth it' and what isn't worth crap. We're pretty committed to starting over fresh even if it means lounging in camp chairs until the perfect 'worth it' couch reveals itself. And to be fair they are really comfortable camp chairs. (I read recently that it's now acceptable to start sentences with 'and' and 'but'. But the jury is still out on the use of excessive parentheticals.)

Where was I going with this blog post? I guess I could scroll up to remind myself but that would be lifting a finger to scroll and I am firmly committed to not lifting a finger for a few more hours.

I'm almost through my first Crown Mountain Farm Sock Hop yarn and in all my unpacking I found a small stack of vintage printed flour sack towels that I forgot I had. I've been afraid to use them in the past for fear of ruining them. Cheese and rice! This morning I pitched the old stained rags we had been using and put the flour sack towels on top.

And now for your completely random, I have been enjoying the highly blasphemous web-show, Mr. Diety. Godfrey Daniel!