Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Review and Giveaway

This blog post is a review of Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids. I am not being paid but I did receive a set of Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid containers specifically for the purposes of a review and have a set reserved to give away to a reader. I am under no obligation to write a positive review.

There are 4 vital products to have when either moving house or dyeing yarn.
  1. plastic storage bags
  2. paper towels
  3. trash bags
  4. plastic tubs and containers
Getting a plastic tub hookup would have been awesome, but testing out Rubbermaid food containers? Nearly as awesome.

I could post a pre-move picture of the interior of my plastic cabinet, but that would be embarrassing. It was pretty bad. Picture, oh say, your plastic container cabinet. Pretty disorganized, right? Who keeps track of all those lids? Who keeps all of their mismatched plasticware neatly stacked and easy to access? No one, that's who.

I am taking the opportunity I have in moving to start fresh in several areas of my domestic and business life. That includes in my kitchen cabinets. I weeded through my plastic containers and recycled any that were stained, scuzzy or were missing a lid.

I started fresh in this kitchen with....nothing. I had all my other kitchen stuff, including inexplicably 25 pounds of flour and sugar, but ZERO plastic containers. They had all been stained, scuzzy and missing a lid. All of them. ALL of them. Lids must go to the same place socks go. Suddenly I was grateful that I answered Rubbermaid's call to blog about their new Easy Find Lid system. This is what they sent for me to review--2-3 sizes of 4 different kinds of containers: Produce Savers, Lock-Its, Easy Find Lids and Premier.

They weren't kidding about the lids being easy to find. All the lids snap securely to the base of their containers. They all snap securely to each other, too. Sweet. Score 1 for Rubbermaid.

So that's great for storage, but you know, I'm a dyer. I'm a dyer who just threw away $100 of leaky "great for dyeing!" bottles bought from a dye company that were stained, gross and liked to leaked all over my drawers, hands and floor when I simply picked them up. These aren't the shapes I would typically use to hold my dyes, but I'm always looking out for secure ways to store dyes long term. I want to know how these food containers actually work for work.

I used the Lock-Its and the Premier to test how well they handled dye. The Lock-Its did what it said. The lock and gasket feature held the messy dye in well. Surprisingly, so did the Premier:
Sometimes dyes like to attach themselves to plastic and never let go, especially when the dye and plastic are both heated, kind of like spaghetti sauce does in plasticware when it is heated. I heated the dye to boiling in the container, dumped it, rinsed the residue and....good as new. Score again to Rubbermaid. I'm assuming that they will handle messy, smelly foods in an equally capable way since that is what they were designed to do. [ETA: I put some smelly seafood pasta in one of the Premier containers, left it in the fridge over night, heated it up, rinsed it clean and there were no residual smells or stains. Better take stock in Rubbermaid now. I can see myself buying a LOT of these for food and for work in the near future.]
My creation

I did not test out the Produce Savers yet, only because I haven't been to the produce stand yet. I am fairly confident they will work well in prolonging the life of fruits and vegetables. The containers come with an insert that allows excess moisture to drain and promotes air circulation. Those two elements are key to keeping produce fresh longer.

So back to those 4 vital things to movers and dyers. I could give you a detailed analysis of the virtues and drawbacks of various storage bags, paper towels and trash bags, but you don't see those companies sending me free product to review, do you? *g*

Leave a comment to this blog post between now and June 9 to be entered to win a set of Rubbermaid just like the one reviewed in this post. I will select a name at random and forward it to Rubbermaid. They will send it directly to you.

Visit www.easyfindlids.com for more information about Rubbermaid's Easy Find Lid food storage system.


Locals crafty folk, I'll be here Thursday afternoon around 3 or 4. See you there?

From Matt at The Royale:

Just a reminder about the event we're having this week at the Royale:

In the spirit of handcrafting unique and local treasures, The Royale is playing on the word 'craft' and extending a welcome to the local craft community during the first annual STL Craft Beer Week.

On Thursday, June 4th, from 2 to 6pm the Royale will offer beer and appetizer specials to anyone working on making St Louis more beautiful, one stitch at a time. Feel free to bring in a small project to work on, or examples of your work, whatever your specialty. Printers, knitters, glassblowers, welders—brewers!—come show off your wares, celebrate people-based production and meet others doing the same, and let the Royale say thanks, with beer!