Monday, June 22, 2009


This is how today was:
  • Take Scott to the train. Boo!
  • Feed our friend Brian and sent him back to Indy. Yay, we got to spend time with Brian. Boo, we had to send Brian home!
  • debate napping, no nap, boo!
  • prep orders. Yay orders!
  • post office. Yay big drive thru boxes!
  • lay down to nap but then remember it's Monday and Mondays are for working. No nap, boo!
  • dye the minimum amount of yarn I can dye and still call it work. Yay for the colors (turq, wisteria, kilt green)! Boo for work!
  • phone it in the rest of the day. Yay slacking!
  • debate napping. No nap, boo!
  • meet Lenora for lunch, Yay Lenora!
  • frogged the enormous giant handspun socks from the yarn Annie gave me. I have big feet but not 14 inches big. Boo big socks! Yay I am confident I have enough yarn to make any damn pair of socks I want with that yarn!
  • knitted a few inches on my Crafty and Crap sock before turning it in to a mitten. Yay mittens!
  • had dinner with Lenora and Jamie. Yay Lenora! Yay Jamie!
  • Flat tire. Boo!
  • AAA to the rescue. Yay!
  • And now? NAP? PLEASE?
  • wake up early and get yarn done before another 100 degree day
  • list yarn?
  • fix tire
  • garden
  • work on website
  • work on mittens
  • and if I have time, succumb to allergies, asthma and fibromyalgia. But only if I have time.