Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ze Garden

I lost my outdoor thermometer and the only one I could find is my meat thermometer. It was so hot today I put it outside anyway while I watered the plants for the second time in 4 hours. I didn't expect anything to register, especially not in the 5 minutes I was outside. The picture on the left is the meat thermometer on my desk in the A/C. The picture on the right is the thermometer after sitting on the balcony in the sun for 5 minutes. If my patio was a cooked ham it would be done by now.
The heat index for today is Rare Beef

The garden had some losses between the shock of the move, being stepped on by moving men, being attacked by local wildlife and adapting to exciting new insect life. Oh how the local insect life loves our garden! It is delightful to find colorful insects on our tender shoots. No, wait. No it isn't. I'm enjoying seeing the variety of life in my garden. I really am. I like that the bugs are unique, beautiful and colorful, but whichever one is toppling tender shoots can knock it the hell off. We lost the radishes, squash, carrots, tomatoes, spearmint, catnip and clematis to movers and wildlife. I have started let the biggest cat out on to the patio for a few minutes every morning and I notice the damned black bird and that damned squirrel have not been by.

The garden may not love being munched on or cooked like a rare slab of beef but it has loved the months worth of rain we just had. I will be harvesting summer vegetables this week or next.






Our first cuke



Here is the whole garden. Click here to see notes on the picture.