Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blogging through the cranky

There are few things I need to complain loudly about before I get on with my day.

  • Truncated Feeds. I hate truncated feeds. I took an informal poll on twitter and all seven respondents also hated truncated feeds. [All seven! Bow before me internets! See what mighty influence I yield!] Do your readers a favor and let your blog publish full feeds so we can read them in our blog readers (Google Reader, Bloglines, etc.) If you feel like you need to have a truncated feed for whatever reason (ad income, for instance) please please PLEASE make your feed longer than 2.5 sentences. There is only one blogger I routinely click through the truncated feed to read. The rest I generally scroll past unless something in the first 2.5 sentences catches my eye and generally it doesn't.
  • Tact. If someone makes a knitted version of, oh say, a glengarry and is really fucking, yeah I said fucking, proud of it, the polite thing to say when they ask "how do you like this glengarry" isn't "what glengarry? that isn't a glengarry" in some haugty superior tone as if you were the sole arbiter of all things authentically glengarry-ish. The correct response is "Isn't it lovely!" or if you don't like it "What an interesting interpretation!" or even "I don't like it" or "It doesn't look like a glengarry", but "that isn't a glengarry" when I just told you it was? It's the wrong damn thing to say. [Edit to clarify: I knit the glengarry patter in Folk Hats. I didn't design it but really flattered that so many of you think I did.]
  • Authenticity. I've mentioned before that I'm one-half Chinese decent. I don't think I've mentioned before is that I am also decended from Scottish, Northern English and probably a French, Irish and American Indian ancestors, but the only "authentic" "race" I am is AMERICAN.
  • Smoking. I think my head is going to explode. If I had a pack of cigarettes right now I would be tempted to smoke them, but then I would be completely blowing my 4 year anniversary of being smoke-free. I envy people who can have a a cigarette here and there and just stop.
  • Motherhood. A friend I have been out of touch with called recently. She shared many interesting things with me, including how important it is to get pregnant because I don't know the spiritual wonderland I'm missing; how much fun it still is to get trashed every single night; how she's trying to get pregnant; how many times she's blacked out from drugs while driving; how big her kid is getting, but not fat. Never fat. Nope, not fat. Did I mention she's NOT FAT. Just big boned and all the boys on the playground want her. Yeah.
  • Scum and villiany. I recieved my deposit back from my former landlords today, all $168.13 of it. Why so little? They told us not to clean the carpets because they were replacing it. So we didn't clean the carpets and they charged us for cleaning them. I told them 30 days in advance that we were moving and asked if they wanted a letter. No, they didn't want a letter but they wanted us to think on it for a few weeks before we made our final decision. I thought on it a few weeks, made my decision and now they are charging me 2 weeks rent because I didn't give them a full 30 days notice.
  • Incomplete sentences. Can't stop using them. Blame Twitter.