Thursday, July 2, 2009


[Edit to clarify: I knit the glengarry patter in Folk Hats. I didn't design it but really flattered that so many of you think I did.] I should have put a definition and an example in my last post of what a Glengarry is. I didn't know what a Glengarry was until Monday morning when Scott pointed the pattern out to me. According to Wordnet, a glengarry is "a Scottish cap with straight sides and a crease along the top from front to back; worn by Highlanders as part of military dress". There are several examples on

After looking at so many Scottish hats this week I have been inspired to make knitted interpretations of several different kinds of hats, authenticity be damned. On the needles now a Dyeabolical mash up a tam and a glengarry. It will either be ridiculous or epic, perhaps even epically ridiculous. Now if only I could knit faster...

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