Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

It is 5:45am on a steamy July morning and I am already 30 minutes in to this mornings stage, despite swearing off the Tour de France after the doping scandals of the past few years. This year I haven't heard a breath about doping or testing. Either doping control is doing its job and everyone is riding straight or they are being discreet in handling positive tests. Either way, the Tour is much more pleasant when dispersions are not cast over every athlete.

I haven't' missed a Tour Stage yet this first week and at the same time I haven't really watched one, either. Versus TV's website began offering a "broadcast quality" streaming feed and Video on Demand of the stages so I can still enjoy the Tour without having cable. The "broadcast quality" feed is not quite ready for prime time. There were several glitches in getting the feed working and the broadcast quality is, well, it isn't good. I'm sure by next year Versus will have figured out all the bugs of offering the Tour live online, including a HD picture and commercials to pay for it. I think I would rather have a lower quality full feed than a shorter HD broadcast chock full of commercials for male enhancement products.

I have 3 minutes until I have to be up and rinsing yarn. "Rinsing yarn" is the #1 reason I've been up early enough to watch the Tour and also the #1 reason I haven't really been able to watch watch the Tour. Once rinsing begins the Tour fades in to a pleasant background hum that I can't really focus on leaving me wishing I had 4 hours to watch the full stage despite just spending 4 hours rinsing yarn and watching the full stage.

I'm rambling. And it is 6:02, which makes me officially late for work. Imagine there are pretty pictures of yarn right here.

Rinse, rinse, rinse.