Friday, July 31, 2009

Wool tried to kill me

[After the rambling there is an offer of cheap yarn. Skip to the end if you want to bypass the whining and moaning for there is a lot of both whining and moaning herein. Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. EDIT: The navy is spoken for.]

Wool tried to kill me.

This is the second time wool has tried to kill me.

The first time wool tried to kill me was in January 2007 when I was winding a skein of Wool Pak. It wasn't the wool itself, which is perfectly fine wool. Wool Pak is a low-processed wool. It doesn't use chemicals to dissolve vegetable matter out like many other wools. It uses good old water, it smells like wool ought to smell and wears like traditional wools wear. That is, it is great for felting, EZ sweaters and outergarments but you wouldn't want to knit yourself an undershirt out of it.

The first time wool tried to kill me I was winding the Wool Pak, my face too close the swift and breathed in a lung full of wool dust.
Wool, especially gently scoured rustic wools, isn't just wool but what wool rolls around in--hay, dirt, pollen, etc.

I walked away with my Wool Pak experience thinking I was allergic to whatever was in Wool Pak. Since I had worked with other rustic wools I assumed it was just a Wool Pak issue and the whole rustic wools/allergy connection left my head. I've been to sheep festivals, buried my face in sheep fleece and been in the yarn shop while other rustic wools are wound. Hell, I've buried my face in THIS yarn I'm about to talk about. Occasionally I get a little hitch in the back of my throat but nothing severe so yeah, I came away with "I'm allergic to Wool Pak". Faulty assumption.

Can you say the word of dumbass? I'm a dumbass.

I've wound a LOT of wool in the last few years. I'm not allergic to wool. I am, however, allergic to a good number of pollens and oils that sheep might roll around in. I discovered (re-discovered) this fact when I tried to process the new worsted weight base yarn I've been working on. The wool came in needing a bath with a strong detergent to rinse out the sheepy smell and spinning oil. Other than that it was a good sturdy cream-colored worsted weight wool. It even took color great. Deborah thought the unwashed yarn smelled more like hay than sheep and I think there is a reason for that. I always sneeze on hay rides.

Half-way through the second batch of yarn I had hives where my gloves ended, deep coughing and tingling lips. Repeat after me, kids. Fuuuuuuddddggge!


I loaded up on Benedryl, complained to Twitter, listed the remaining undyed yarns up for sale and took a LOT of naps. Clearly I cannot finish dyeing this yarn. The thing is, it is a popular base yarn. It is used A LOT without any problems. I could have knit with this without a problem. I'm convinced of it. The problem came when I aerosolized latent allergens by steaming 20 skeins worth of it in a small kitchen. Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. Before I aerosolized I probably could have worked with this yarn without even noticing. Now I'm hypersensitive to it. Simply touching it set off a sneezing fit earlier. Ever few hours I get a bronchitis pain in my chest. I'm still sick in a way that's going to require a doctors office if I'm not feeling better by Monday. I screwed up big on this one.

Let my freakish allergies be your gain. I only dyed 2 colors of this yarn so let's call this a limited edition. I am selling these two colors in a no frills sale. I'm not making a profit on this. I just want it out of my house. Damn.

10 skeins of each color, 100g skeins, ~210 yards per skein, no labels, $45 plus shipping. Email me at stlrachelknits at gmail dot com if you would like to buy a color. Like I said, it is a lovely yarn unless you take large quantities of it, stick it in hot water, heat it to boiling and take deep breaths when you are.

Email me. It's yours for what it cost me for the yarn, dye, water and benedryl, $45 plus shipping. I'm open to trades.

This wool tried to kill me
{Edit: The navy has been spoken for. Thank you.}
This wool tried to kill me... I burned it as punishment.
(The gold/orange has a few skeins that have dark "burn" marks. It is just a color issue. It isn't actually burned.)