Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Surprise Sale!

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Scott broke out the dyes this weekend.

Scott's Tie DyesScott's Tie Dyes

I helped. We debated back and forth between traditional tie dye techniques and a combination of techniques. Traditional tie dye is super saturated but needs gentle washing to keep from staining other items in the load. We figured a way to get the maximum dye leach out right up front. The shirts aren't as brilliant as fresh tie dye normally is but it won't fade any more and we won't have to worry if it gets in with our other clothes. At least that's the theory.

Scott's Tie DyesScott's Tie Dyes
Scott keeps insisting this is supposed to be a red eye, but got tetchy when I called it his hairy eyeball shirt. Eyebawwwwwlllllll!

Scott's Tie DyesScott's Tie Dyes
This one is my favorite. Isn't he cute?