Thursday, September 10, 2009

Silk Merino Fingering Yarn

Dyeabolical's surprise sale is still going on! Click here for more information.
I am so enchanted with this new base yarn that I have done nothing but take pictures of it all day. This 50 silk/50 merino fingering weight yarn was supposed to be a one-shot deal. Last year I got an assortment of silks for the Strange Folk table. This year I got an assortment of silks for the Strange Folk table. Keeping silk in regular inventory is just too spendy a proposition normally, but for this yarn? Oh, for this yarn I think I'm going to make an exception.
Merino/Silk Fingering
It's soft. It is beautiful. It has good drape. Technically this yarn doesn't need reskeining but I'm going to anyway just to have it sing to me as it winds off the swift.
Merino Silk Semisolids
This yarn will be for sale at Strange Folk and online afterwards. It is about 442 yards per 100g and will sell for $42.50. As with all my yarns, most skeins have a little extra built in. I wound these skeins myself so I know all of the skeins are at least 100g and most, if not all, are closer to 109g.
The color in the above and below pictures are the most accurate pictures I have of the colors. Blues, as always, are notoriously difficult to capture accurately.