Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog address update

Thank you for coming out to Strange Folk this weekend!

I ran out of business cards halfway through the festival and several of you picked up the card that had this blog address on it. Welcome! You are certainly welcome to stay and read this blog, but you may find the other blog, more relevant to your interests.

Long time readers, you may want to update your RSS feeds to include both blogs. As my business grows I find myself wanting a blogging space that isn't also a vehicle for doing business. There is a lot of cross over between them and up until now I have been cross-posting all of the Dyeabolical posts here. Starting today I will begin separating them. The Dyeabolical blog is for the business and yarn. The Rachel Knits blog is everything else, including zombies, curse words and, of course, knitting. There may be some cross over between blogs, especially when a project like Strange Folk consumes both my business and personal life, but starting now the posts will be different even though they may discuss the same thing.

That's a lot of words to say, "hey, I have 2 blogs now". I guess I should have just said "Hey, I have 2 blogs now." Hey, I have 2 blogs now.
Now, onward!