Friday, October 2, 2009

Strange Folk Wrap Up

Strange Folk was awesome, but exhausting. For two days people validated my career and color choices. What's not to love about that?
Saturdays table
Saturdays table

We had a good mix of vendors across from us--Claudia's Burning Ink, Pasties by Michelle (you heard me) and a jewelry maker whose name I'm forgetting. I'm sorry. We didn't get any pasties, but were highly amused by the pastie sales techniques employed. We bought a gnome hat and traded for this really awesome bag with Claudia:
This is a Kineared picture of the gnome vendor who completely charmed me
(I Kinneared Claudia in her gnome hat)
Bag I traded for
(Awesome Marvel bag on a very messy desk)

and bought 6 soaps from Tom the soap maker from the Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois. [Tom, if you are reading this, can you email me? I forgot to get your address and wanted to get that pattern to you. ] I cannot speak highly enough about the Artisan Guild. I have spoken about them before and how much I want to join them for some of their meetings. Unfortunately our lives have worked out that I can't make it out to Illinois for Thursday meetings even though it is only a 30 minute drive. Dang it. But you should go. They are amazing people.

Of the few pictures I managed to take this past weekend, this is my favorite. It's not only my favorite, but it's also the ONLY picture I took at my booth that had people in it.
Crazy customers and friends
Here is a picture Monte took of Scott and I. It's one of those rare pictures where I both look like how I really look and am pleased not horrified at how I look in the picture. If you notice, most of the pictures of myself in this blog are carefully cropped. In my head we still look like this. It's always a little startling to realize that it's been 11 years and that time didn't stand still.

I have to apologize for getting everyones hopes up about the funnel cakes. It must have been an old vendor list or maybe they canceled at the last minute? I never did find out what happened. My sister left me this comment regarding the funnel cakes on my facebook page "Your self-inflicted shame makes my job a lot easier". Ah, sisters. :)