Saturday, October 3, 2009

What's knittin'

  • Over the last few days I have put a few designs up on Ravelry, including the Tamberet (a tam/beret that precious skein of handspun!), Whimsy Hat (wheee!), and All Hands On Deck (top-down mittens for all sizes in all weights of yarn). More information can be found over in my other blog. Great big thank yous to Deborah, Becky, Tammie, Fiona, Marilin and Kara for looking over the patterns.
Photography by Sungazing Photography (
  • I pulled out trusty Barbara Walker a few weeks ago and worked up this hat out of Lamb's Pride yarn for a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society silent auction at a local pub. The decreases were a little bit tricky, but worth it. Non-knitting attendees seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the design. I wrote notes down as I went. The only tricky part was the decreasing. I'm considering writing it up as a multi-size pattern just for the experience in pattern writing.

  • I promised myself that I would knit myself a pair of socks from the Tofutsi sock yarn that was a gift from Deborah nearly a year ago. Then earlier this week Scott called from on the road and was freezing, so I pushed the Tofutsis aside and cast on for the Tadpole pattern (link is a pdf file) in my Old Jeans colorway. A travelin' man needs warm socks.
Some of the finished socks on Ravelry looked a little tight, so I added 4 extra stitches. I did a 4-stitch purl ditch in the center of the motif instead of the 2-stitches called for. Technically the Tadpole pattern is a lace motif. To keep it from being lacy I knit all the yarn overs through the back loop. I knit the entire cuff in a single evening and I didn't even work that hard, which means this might be my new favorite pattern ever.