Tuesday, October 6, 2009


  • I posted a few links about cashmere fiber herding practices and why I might not be carrying cashmere any more in the Dyeabolical blog.
  • What's with temperature? I think the way we measure temperature currently must be faulty. How can it be 73 degrees in here and still be so chilly when two months ago 73 degrees was barely cool enough to be tolerable? Aren't you freezing? You should knit a hat or some mittens to warm yourself up. Gratuitous self promotion aside, my fingers are so cold that I can't even think. Go buy a pattern from me and yarn from me and then knit me some mittens. Oh wait...no. That would be selfish. Go knit yourself something nice! Yeah, that's better. :)
  • For some reason Google Reader keeps deleting my contacts that I share links with. I'm sorry if I keep dropping and adding you back. I'm not sure what's up with it. If you use Google Reader feel free to add me. I'm under the name stlrachelknits, you can click the handy new box of links on the right of my blog or you can add it to your blog reader.
  • We washed the winter socks this weekend. I rediscovered these socks:
Patriotic socks
and their hole:
...with a hole
That hole makes me so damn mad. It reminds me of our old apartment, which made me damn mad on a regular basis. The spike strip of tack heads leading in to the kitchen was probably the least annoying thing about that apartment, but it ripped my socks and it pisses me off every time I forget and try to put them on. So I guess, instead of just rediscovering my patriotic socks I also rediscovered my seething rage that we were stuck in that apartment that final year. Scott, on the other hand, rediscovered these...
...the first pair of sock-like things I ever knit. I really wish he hadn't found them. I really really wish he wouldn't insist on wearing them. They're huge:
No, really. I mean huge:
It's embarrassing. He also won't pitch the fuzzy acrylic scarf I crocheted for him 10 years ago. He tells people I made both the slippers and the scarf. He won't accept a replacement scarf or slippers when he has perfectly hideous and functional ones he's still using. My pleas for him to consider my knitterly reputation before wearing those awful slippers or wearing that brillo-looking scarf have fallen on deaf ears.