Thursday, October 15, 2009

Progress continues

  • We agreed to set the furnace on 68 degrees and no higher no matter what. We probably should have gone through a winter here first before we pinky swore on it. It is, in fact, warmer in this apartment than in most homes. That's a good thing. We are well insulated. The heat from the apartments below rise in to our apartment. The airflow is minimal unless I open all the windows. Except....well...I threw open all the windows a few days ago because it was practically balmy in here. That was a mistake. All that did was trap the cold air in and now it can't get out. The thermostat, who is clearly more prepared for winter than we are, reads a consistent 72-74 degrees while I'm shivering from cold.
  • I'm still on the boring and easy part of the February Lady Sweater. It looks a lot like a lime green garter stitch rectangle. That doesn't really make for interesting blogging. I have managed one more repeat on Scott's Tadpole socks, so that isn't really picture worthy, either. I was swatching for Stephen West's Herbivore but that's as far as I got. 
  • This week has been stressful. It's looking like maybe unemployment numbers might go up by one person at the end of the month. Hopefully not. Cross your fingers.
  • I might have a table at the O'Fallon, Illinois High School craft fair on November 7-8. I've joined up with author Elizabeth Donald to split the table. We're both low on stock and couldn't fill a full booth for 2 days, so splitting the table works out. Neither one of us are entirely sure our products will do well at a traditional craft fair, so that gave us even more incentive to split the table. Unfortunately I think our application went in past the deadline (or will go in?) but Elizabeth had preliminary approval so it should be okay. 
  • If you haven't checked out the shared links in the sidebar of this blog, I encourage you to do so. The Berlin Reunion is especially good, as is the $3000 scarf.