Sunday, October 25, 2009

10 days of random

It's been 10 days since my last post? How did that happen? Here's what's been happening:

  • Scott and I joined our friends at the Second Wind fundraiser walk for a brief memorial service and to walk in memory of Jennie, our friends daughter who died earlier this year. It was emotional and painful, but also nice to see Selena again and to have another chance to honor Jennie. The raffle fundraiser after the walk was pretty kickin', too. Scott and I won a Kentucky themed basket that included spoon bread, corn bread, pancake mix, sorghum, salsa, bourbon-infused marinade called Kentuckyaki, elderberry wine, butter rum tea, beer cheese mix, julep glasses, a 6-pack of beer called Horse Piss. If this basket is truly representative of the state, then my impression of Kentucky is they really like their breads and their beer. Jennie would have approved.

  • After the walk Scott and I went to the zoo and watched a giraffe chase an ostrich. Check it out:

After that we went home and tore down the rest of the summer plants, dug up bulbs and moved the cold-weather plants closer to the building. We dropped off the cold-hating plants at Scott's parents house and stopped by the exotic pet store for an innocent look around and came home with a not very exotic betta fish. We named him Sid. Sid Fishious. He looks sad in the picture, but I think he's just nervous that I'm going to kill him the first time I change the water. I think he's right to be nervous.

Sid Fishious

  • The rest of last weekend and part of this week was spent updating Scott's resume. Cross your fingers that he won't need it. 

  • I dyed up 20 pounds of sock yarn this week for the shop and for the O'Fallon, IL craft fair in November. I did 1 pound of hand painted Themyscira (clear distinct areas of color), 1 pound of kettle dyed Themyscira (similar colors but more subtle and less predictable color transitions), 3 pounds of haphazard throwing dye at yarn, 1 pound of an expensive mistake and 14 pounds of yarn inspired by the high school colors of my twitter friends. I can't wait to get the yarn rewound and pictures up.

  • Earlier this week I spent a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon knitting at Knitty Couture and lunch with Selena at Pi. If you haven't been to Pi, GO! There is a location opening in Kirkwood this month and in the CWE in December. It's even better than Dewey's pizza. Yeah, I said it. It's better than Dewey's. 
  •  I've finished the garter stitch section on the February Lady Sweater but it still looks like a pile of green yarn and not very picture worthy.

I am certain other interesting things have happened in the last 10 days but they have left my brain for now. So I bid you farewell until tomorrow!