Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A week ago I would have written a post on giving thanks that would have started "It's been a stressful year around here and I'm thankful it is almost over." This week I just want to say that this year could have ended so much differently and I am thankful it did not.

Some of you know that Scott's otherwise healthy cousin had to be resuscitated last week and put on a ventilator. I am so happy and thankful to report that her numbers quickly improved and today she is at home recovering nicely.

After the year my family and social circle has had, I could go my whole life without hearing the words ventilator, resuscitation, coma, airlifted, transplant, gallstone, pancreatitis, ICU, oxygen levels, or liver disease ever again. I could go a long long time before getting bad news when Scott is hundreds of miles away--which seemed to be most of the year. At the same time I am thankful he has a job still. I am thankful to my friends Sandy, Ann and Deborah who let me hang out at Knitorious last week under the pretense that I needed to get work knitting done. I actually did get work done. I picked out yarn and made sketches for a new cowl pattern I've been thinking of.

Finally, after a dreary dreary dreary couple of weeks, I'm thankful the sun is out and the clouds are gone.


It's National Novel Writing month, National Blog Posting month, I'm pretty sure it is National Sweater Knitting month but I could be wrong there, and it is the month of Thanksgiving. In the Internet tradition of abbreviating everything, I'm calling it my personal NaNoWriBloPoSweKniThaMo or something like that.

Please try not to notice that we are 3 days in to the month and I have yet to write a blog post nor am I even going to attempt to write a novel. I might read a novel. So that should be NaNoReBloPoSweKniThaMo. I've started reading Diana Gabaldon's new book. At 832 pages, finishing it seems like a suitable challenge. College-me just cried a little inside. College me read 100-200 pages per day every day. Graduated Knitter Me reads almost a whopping 100 or so book pages a month. I'm sure if I stopped skimming 100 or so blog posts a day that I could get a lot more reading in.