Thursday, November 5, 2009

Doing this baby right

Originally uploaded by sungazing

I do love a baby wrapped in Noro.

Thanks you to Julie from Sungazing Photography  for sharing this picture of her latest subject, baby Gianna. Gianna is nestled in the first Noro project I ever made. Julie fell in love with this purse. Before I gave it to her I put together a rigid basket "liner" made from plastic canvas, spray glue and fake leather to help keep the bag from losing its shape when filled with normal purse contents. I can't guarantee bag integrity when you fill said bag with babies, Julie. ;)

Sesame Street

Sesame Street turned 40 yesterday. The Sesame Street website has open voting of the best clips of the 80s. I'm too old to know about half of the clips listed. What happened to the best Sesame Street clips of the 70s? In related news, I am somewhat alarmed to discover that I was ever too old for Sesame Street.

Madaline Kahn:

True Blue Miracle: