Monday, November 9, 2009

Craft Fair, Day 2

The second day of the craft show had fewer people attend but better sales. I came $11 short of the magic number that would make this craft fair worth it. I will do another craft show again but I don't think I'll do the O'Fallon, Il craft show unless we can get a better booth location, the price goes down and the clientele changes. Scott wants to try another craft fair, but in St. Louis this time. Fine by me. The less I have to cross the Mississippi the better.

We met some really great crafters at the show who were also first-timers. I lusted after the glass enamel on copper jewelry from K.G. Jewelry. Hopefully they will have a website up soon. Cheryl Yeager from The Flying Dog and Co. and her granddaughter Sydney are both very creative who draw, make sculptured pins, paint, and knit. By the end of the weekend we had them spinning yarn, too. Sydney, the granddaughter, was so intuitive with her knitting and took right to spinning after only hearing instructions once. Both of them did this sort of backwards loop wrap when they were knitting English style (right handed) that was very efficient and fast. I plan on sitting down today to see if I can replicate it.

Our next show will be the Green Living Expo (pdf link) at the Missouri History Museum on Sunday, December 6th from noon-4pm. I am splitting a table with Suzi from The Knittresses. She will have hand knitted items made from wool, alpaca and other natural fibers. I will probably be bringing 3 or 4 cubes-worth of product since I am limited on space. I will have a sock yarns, cotton slub, spinning fibers and a little bit of silk. Even if you don't come for the yarn, come for the other vendors. It sounds like it will be a worthwhile event.   

Even with the good experiences we had and the new friends we made, I still feel like we fell in to some kind of time warp where being from St. Louis is a sin, at least for our booth neighbor and all his customers who nodded their agreements. Screw them. Most of the people were lovely and delightful. They were welcoming and friendly and many were happy to see yarn there even if it wasn't their style of yarn.

How do people feel about the Lindbergh craft fair? They have outdoor booths available still and if it is supposed to be a nice weekend I might just do it.