Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lady Eleanor and Green Expo

I have completely given up trying to blog every day. Moving on.

I dug out my Lady Eleanor stole this week and gave it a long scalding hot bath.  She was fine and dried beautifully, even softer and more lovely than she was before.

The scalding hot bath was an accident. I was aiming for a warm bath. Even after turning the hot water heater down again it still seems to be getting up to 140C. I am happy to know that my water is hot enough to wash a sheep fleece should the desire strike. Given how prone I am to reacting to sheepy wool, it would probably be a bad idea to process a fleece in my house. Still, a girl can dream.

Wait, where was I again? Oh right. I washed Lady Eleanor. She dried beautifully. I love her. She's soft, marvelous, long and warm. Every color is a different fiber content, so she is also endlessly entertaining just to look at. She was my largest and most expensive project to date. I bought and knit her yarn one skein at a time until she was long enough. I wrote in this 2006 blog post that I cut out most of the angora. Was I smoking the crack rock? Either I didn't know how to ID angora then or angora was over represented in the yarn because this shawl still has plenty of angora in it despite my taking out several lengths of it.

The stole ended up just a little too short for my body type, soooo I have decided to put it up for sale or trade and see what happens. Maybe it will sell, maybe it won't, but if you love it enough to take care of it, speak up and we will work something out. I priced it at about what I paid for the yarn originally. I am open to bartering for things I want for work. I would rather see someone who loves it wear it than to have it folded up in my closet for years.

I will have a small display at the Missouri History Museum this coming Sunday for the Second Annual Green Living Expo from noon-4pm. I am splitting a table with The Knittress (aka Suzi)  who will have a variety of knitted accessories made from natural fibers and her friend who I believe is a jeweler. I am only bringing a limited amount of inventory with me, but I am looking to do a little wheeling and dealing that day since it is my last show of the year, so come on down. Just let me know you are a blog reader and I'll hook you up with a discount. If you would like me to bring something specific so you can see it in person just let me know and I will be happy to accommodate your request.  As always, I will be accepting cash, check or credit card.