Thursday, December 17, 2009

Charming Shoppes

I'm calling an end to a personal shopping era. I own 1 pair of pants, 2 bras, 5 shirts and 1 coat that did not come from Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug or Catherine's. That's it. Nearly everything else in my wardrobe has come from a store owned by Charming Shoppes, Inc.

Every February, going back as long as I can remember, I have spent my tax refund at one of those 3 stores. I was a pretty devoted Lane Bryant customer, shopped the Fashion Bug sales and sporadically shopped Catherine's. Not anymore.

You have all read about how I was showered with dust in a Fashion Bug dressing room and how it made me sick. I contacted customer service and the district manager for Fashion Bug over the phone and received no response. I have emailed Fashion Bug again to no response. I sent a message through Charming Shoppes main website. I have emailed Charming Shoppes, their CEO and Fashion Bug executives. I have not received any response beyond a single auto-generated email letting me know someone would get in touch with me soon.

No one ever got in touch with me. Friends have speculated that they didn't contact me because they were afraid they would get sued. Maybe that is the reason why, but it just doesn't fly with me. Maybe it is because I have spent a lot of time with good and decent people, but I expect people I do business with to do the right thing.

I am done spending time trying to get Fashion Bug and Charming Shoppes, Inc. to do the right thing. I am definitely finished shopping with them. I won't give my money to a store who won't make it right. How can they make it right? First, acknowledge that I have said something. Don't ignore me. Second, apologize. They can even phrase it in that corporate speak that doesn't say anything meaningful at all. Just...don't ignore me.

Charming Shoppes, Inc owns the following stores:
  • Lane Bryant and Lane Bryant Outlet
  • Fashion Bug
  • Catherine's Plus Sizes
  • Petite Sophisticate
  • Figi's